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Oliv, Innovation, Corelli Strings

Discussion in 'For Sale: Double Bass Amps, Strings, & Accessories' started by BeowulfKingsley, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Selling off some strings to fund a cabinet purchase…otherwise I’d keep ‘em! But here they are. Includes shipping to CONUS only, PayPal only please.

    Innovation Golden Slaps – New, still in envelopes - SOLD!!! $110
    Innovation 140bs (Solo gauge) – on my bass just a day. Great strings, just not for that particular instrument - SOLD!! $100
    Oliv D & G – Again, just not for me. Good condition - SOLD!!! $100
    Corelli 370s – On my bass a year, still very responsive - $50
  2. sugerbass


    Jun 19, 2012
    New York
  3. Doh!! So sorry, the Oliv's are the D & G strings. I corrected the post. I am a doofus.
  4. Hi - how old are the Oliv D & G?
  5. I bought them from another forumite, who said he'd had them on his bass 4 months. I only had them on mine for a day...just not what I needed at the time, and I put them in the drawer a few weeks ago. They seem in fine condition, windings all good, and they pizz and bow quite well. As I said, I'd keep 'em if I didn't have to raise this cash.
  6. Do still have any Lamberts?
  7. No, sorry, the Lamberts are all gone. By the way, I'm sorry to say that it's not practical for me to ship stuff to Canada these days...USPS is charging over $20 for postage on a large envelope!! That's just crazy. My apologies to all my Canadian friends.
  8. Did you ask Priority Mail?
    First Class Int'l Mail should not exceed about $7 to Canada.
  9. I can check again, but that's what I thought they said at the Post Office. I'll double-check on Monday. It does seem pretty excessive.
  10. would you sell the Oliv D separately?
    if so, please PM me with a price quote, etc, shipping would be to FL
  11. I thought I had a sale pending on the Oliv's, but I'm waiting on them. If I don't hear anything by this afternoon they'll be up for grabs again.
  12. Oliv's are SOLD!! Everything else is still up for grabs.
  13. Golden Slaps are SOLD!! Sale pending on the Innovation 140bs. Corelli 370s are still available.