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    Oct 19, 2001
    Just wondering if anyone could tell me what the difference is between the OLP stingray and the musicman one because they look identical but have such drastically different prices. Sorry if I'm being really dumb and have missed something obvious but help me out here!!!
  2. One costs a lot of money, and one costs less.
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    Also, to answer your future questions, the bass player from Alien Ant Farm (?) plays a Ken Lawrence Brase, and that guy from Blink 182 has a custom shop Fender with a J body and a P neck and Seymour Duncan Quarter Pounders.

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    Nov 27, 2000
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    Use the search button towards the top of the page and search for "OLP" or "Stingray". There are many threads on this topic right now. If not, The OLP version is mass produced overseas somewhere and doesn't have active electronics. They may look the same, but they wont sound the same or feel the same.

  4. Here, how about an actual answer?

    There are several differences, even in looks. The electronics are passive in the OLP. The three pots are volume, tone, tone. The two tone knobs are for each coil and really do a great job of altering your sound. The electronics are also reasonable quiet (great for such a low cost).
    The neck has a satin finish (still smoother than a Fender though) instead of wax like the MusicMan. The tuning pegs are identical to Squier tuning pegs, instead of the tapered-post Shallers on the MM. The bridge is longer (extends towards the pickguard) than the MM, and it is less massive, plus the saddles are identical to Squier saddles. It is mounted with 4 screws instead of allen bolts through the body.
    The pickguard is even different. It has fewer screw holes and is shaped different. It is shaped more like an egg instead of an elipse. The electronics plate is slightly different. The output jack is on the face instead of the bottom edge of the body. The knobs on the pots are smaller (another item identical to Squier parts) so I replaced mine with some bigger ones that look more like the MM.
    The finishes are great. There's also an OLP Axis guitar that has a better sparkle finish than the MusicMan. Plus it comes with a maple fingerboard to make it sound an look (in my opinion) a lot better. The truss rod is also the same style as the MM, with the disk at the base of the neck.
    I found out when I bought mine that they are actually built in a factory in China by BC Rich. The only things "identical" to the MusicMan StingRay are the headstock and body shape. This is a great bass, and well worth the money.
  5. Go to GC and play both. That's what I did. OLP feels the same on the neck to my untrained hands, looks a little different, and sounds different too.

    It's the bass I might get, seeing that so many like it here and to me it was one of the nicest I played in that price range.