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OLP MM3 Controls

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by King Tut, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Hello peeps.

    I bought myself an Elm OLP MM3 last week. My god, the thing is awesome. I have some nice basses so I can make a useful comparison.

    Now, I have a question.......I've read that these basses come with a volume for each coil of the pickup and a master tone.
    Mine however has one volume, and 2 tone controls - which seems unusual for a passive bass. I've checked under the scratchplate, and sure enough - there's only one signal wire coming from the pickup.

    When i roll one tone control off, it sounds like a P bass with the top knocked off, and when i roll the other tone off, it sounds like a J bass on the bridge pickup with the top knocked off.

    Anybody know anything about this change of spec?

    In terms of playability, I've not been able to put the thing down since i bought it. With all controls flat out, it has a real earthy tone with loads of grunt from the maple board. I know I'm rambling on a bit, bit this thing is blooming awesome for the £219 I paid for it here in blighty.

    Looking forward to your comments TB'ers.


    King Tut
  2. adept_inept


    Jan 9, 2006
    what amp are you playing it through?

    i've found that the better the amp, the worse it sounds... :rollno:
  3. Well I've not gigged it yet so I've only played it at fairly low volume. In the shop it went through an Eden, and at home it's been through a Trace Elliot AH300 / 7.

    I've a feeling this is a new spec, I know on the Tony Levin ones, the pickup is alnico, and wonder if they've used the same ones on these models - certainly sounds good to me.

    I'll probably use it at a gig on thursday - we'll see how she goes there.
  4. adept_inept


    Jan 9, 2006
    i guess u got ur hands on a rele nice one. i have an mm2, and its god awful.

    i'm talking, like, the volume pots, no significant increase til the end, where it gets a massive, awful boost. the neck sucks, buzz and dead spots everywhere. tuners go out every 2 seconds, and pickup is missing its screws. the pickup also can't handle slap. its gets major "clicking" when u slap the strings. all in all, i hate every bit of thsi thing, and wasted 160 bucks.
  5. Yeah - I've heard this a lot about OLP's - I'd never buy a bass without trying it first, then you can check for dead spots etc. Another one of mine I tried in the shop sucked.

    You can stop it clicking when you slap by either lowering the pickup or raising the action. It's probably clicking cos the strings are being pushed against the polepieces.

    You might find it plays better if you lower the pickup, as the magnets can affect the string vibration if they're too close.

    Good luck

    King Tut