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  1. ms747


    Aug 10, 2001
    hey guys
    there is so much debate about whether a olp copy is any good, i think what it is coming down to is that people have the idea in their minds that becasue its cheap its crap, which often leads to them playing one and instantly saying its crap. sure its not a Real musicman but its licensed by ernie ball its their design so it cnat be all bad, personally i love mine and once i upgrade the electronics it will be a bass that i get a sound im happy with and is built to last.
    cheers matt
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    May 6, 2000
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    OK, good.
  3. i belive at a point basses are just the same. just diffent woods ,hard ware and shapes. yeah u get a diffent sound.and it looks better. but if u take ****ty pickups and put them in a real highend bass it will play great,but sound like ****. i belive once a bass gets to a point like warwick,fender,carvin,(ie dont have to worry like a wish :D )).its just diffent wood and diffent ways of making the bass and hard ware, that ur willling to pay for on a bass,that a cheaper bass can play just as good,but mite need new hard ware or some slight mods. sorry went off alittle,i should lay off the hunter s books.

    but my point is this i played 2 ray's,3 sub's,and 3 olp's one day and i like playing the sub's better then the rays. 2 of the olps sucked cause of the setup ,but the othere one was used had a new pickup and preamp, and it played just as good as a ray. whne iam all set iam so going to get a sub or a ray, but if my parents will buy me a olp ill be just as happy. i have heard so many stories about squires and mim's that play better then mia's
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  5. um....no way a knockoff sounds, feels or plays as good. Do you think that a bass is only worth the raw materials it's made of? Then Ernie Ball is marking up their basses by about $1000 over the OLP, using that logic. I ain't buyin it....I'm saving up for my SR5 and nobody is going to convince me an OLP is the "same". I'm not knocking OLP but that's like saying a Porsche is an overpriced VW. Just my 2 cents.........
  6. Eric Moesle

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    Sep 21, 2001
    Columbus OH
    Any talk about how well a bass "plays" compared to another in a store is terribly misguided. Any bass, ANY bass needs a setup as soon as its purchased, since the neck almost certainly has reacted to temperature and humidity changes from its place of origin, as well as other effects of shipping.

    For example, if bass "A" and bass "B" are both Fender Jazz's, and one "plays better" than the other in a store, I can guarantee you I can get the "worse" playing one to have superior action than the other after a good setup. A pro setup of both of them, and they will at worst be VERY close in playability to each other.

    Now, back to the immediate subject of this thread, you can stick whatever electronics you can in a bass made of inferior woods, and it will still be a cheap bass. If it matches your budget, then its perfect for you. But to call an OLP with upgraded electronics the same as a Stingray is plain naive.
  7. Right on Eric.........right on.
  8. kirbywrx

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    Jul 27, 2000
    Melbourne, Australia.
  9. geezer316

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    Jan 26, 2003
    if the OLP was'nt a copy bass it would'nt get all the hassle that it does,but because its a knock-off of a "real bass" people give it crap.I bought one when they first came out and i loved it,untill i got better as a bassist and found out some qwuirks about it.I'll explain:I had it for a month or two and decided to have my luthier inverstigate a buzzing noise and do a set-up,after some poking around he found that there was a design flaw with the headstock angle and a problem with the string ferrel.These 2 things and a few other minor flaws were remedied but they were quick fixes at best,so i sold it to a local music store before it costed me some cash to fix.if you want a detailed account of the design flaws and how they can be fixed E-mail me and i'll tell you.But i'll say this ,i tried a few other OLP's out at other stores and they all had the same problem,maybe now its fixed and those things worked out(i doubt it)But i must say they are nice basses for the money and had they not been knock-offs and were there own basses,they would not get the slack they do.
  10. cheezewiz


    Mar 27, 2002
    They're crap.
  11. Cheeze, I'm sorry you feel that way.

    I've kept my mouth shut on all 1000 threads on this until now.
    I personally like them, they look good, they sound pretty good, punchy with lots of highs and they are fairly well made. I of course, could not affors a real MM so I'd definatly buy one. Maybe the couple that I played were just good ones???iunno, maybe cause all the intruments that come into our local music chain are all professionally set up???...iunno...all I can say is I don't think there that bad...

  12. geezer316

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    Jan 26, 2003
    Yes they are,for a 200.00$ bass they are tolerable,but compaired to a quality bass they are weak.did you read my post ? they have a major design flaw that affects the bass,untill i knew what a good bass was, this bass accectable.but know,well um... do the math.i'd rather buy a bass that did'nt look as good but was made properly, than one that was toasted that lookes "kind" cool.:spit: .maybe you found a good one,one that out of all the 1000's of basses that were made was made correctly,that had the proper headstock angle etc.YEAH HELLO !:eek:
  13. ms747


    Aug 10, 2001
    hey geezer
    when did you purchase your olp bass? id say if it was one of the first ones the model number or design may have been changed slighty?? could you email me the flawas and fixes for them that you found. IM from australia so an olp and upgrading the electronics was a very good option as real musicman basses or warwicks etc cost thousands well out of my budget. cheers for all your opinions this seems to be a highly debated topic for some reason!! i agree wiht the earlier post if they were not released as an offical "copy" this debate would not be had.
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    Apr 22, 2003
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    Their sh*t. :rolleyes:
  15. i reread what i wrote,kinda came off the wroung way. i ment that a cheaper instrument can be just as good as a high end.iam not talking about the ones that are made wroung or a rouge .iam saying any basses that is made good,right,(lost for the word) is just as good as the next just diffent woods and differnt hardware.

    if u look at fender they make the necks and bodys on a cnc in the u.s for all the basses and all the guitars the same way same wood for all there modles. so if u take any neck body and compare it to any othere from any othere line of there's its the same thing but mite have diffent inlay or gold leaf for a decal. ur just willing to pay extar for slighly better hard ware and pickups. when u can just upgrade a lower modle for cheaper then buying a high end modle from them . i knwo stuff like jt basses are work of arts but there a point when its just as goo as any thing else u just paying little things.
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    i must say thta u people reall gotta use readable languga hear. YOur not text messgaing you buddies. Juts thought u should kno.

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    May 6, 2000
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    Jan 26, 2003
    Thats just the kinda of crap i am talkin about,why focus on the guys spelling ? yes its terrible and it shows that he either dont care or was in a hurry.but theres a right way and a wrong way,you would rather make fun of him, than tell him his mistakes.:mad: its the same bull**** here all the time.kinda makes me wish i can reach out and touch someone,but not to say hi!:mad: nothing nice to say ? SAY NOTHING !there's no excuse for comments like this.I'm sure you will try to sugar coat it and put a different paint-job on it,"but he did'nt use spell check"will be an excuse to bash some-one.I'm willing to bet if some of the guilty parties around here spent more time practicing than flaming some-one,they would'nt be so insecure and need to bust on others.:D KEEP YOUR NASTY COMMENTS TO YOURSELF:spit:
  20. I use a OLP 5 for practice because it's cheaper than my MM5/Moses w piezo. And I practice more than I play out. Like I wouldn't have use for a nine string bass but I'm sure some of you would love one. My 2 cents.