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OLP Spector Anyone???

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by deathbloomslife, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. ...Okay, to make a long story short, my girlfriend loves playing bass (*happy dance*) and she loves, loves, loves, Spector bass guitars. When I asked her why? She replied "They sit nice on my lap, they're not heavy on a strap, and I like the way it sounds better than the one you have." Well, she was referring to the Warwick 'Vette I had in my arms, but I'm getting off topic already...

    ...I had no intent of blowing $500 or so for a Legend for her, (Didn't like the slab bodied Performer at all) so I decided the OLP "copy" should do well. Bolt-on neck and a curved body I figured hell, should'nt cost too much, and it's got all the great styling cues of the higher end Spectors, but with a fraction of the price. I figured we could throw some EMGs in the bass, and call it a Christmas gift for next year. (She's getting an acoustic for her B-Day, Shhh...)

    My question is, where the hell do you find these things? Apparently noone sells them online! The only basses from OLP I can find are the MM and Traben "copies" along with the OCC basses. Hell, they don't even have them listed on their [OLP] website!!! Do these basses exist beyond a limited run?

  2. truckin88


    Oct 18, 2001
    Newburgh, NY
    legends have no resales really, you should check them up on ebay....you can steal them
  3. kauhi17


    May 21, 2006
    Royal Kunia, HI
    Endorsing Artist:Schroeder Bass Cabinets
    Aloha from the 808 state in response to your question about the OLP Spector bass check this out www.edromanguitars.com it's a guitar store in vegas I just picked up a OLP 5 String Spector bass for the low low price of $209 + shipping. there are 4 string models avaliable also. they also have an ebay site with the same name Ed roman guitars, and I saw a 4 string one for $150 + 25 or 35 dollars shipping with a buy it now! check theses places out hope this helps.

  4. TeeMartin


    Jul 18, 2006
    Word. I love Spectors too but just the neck..gah. One of these days I'm going to do something crazy like stick a Geddy neck on a Spector.
  5. sevenorchids

    sevenorchids Supporting Member

    Yeah. Pick up a used Spector Legend, especially one of the first run. They are P/J with EMG-HZ and a 3-band EQ. They sound great, look great, and there really isn't anything that you NEED to do to them. You could up the pickups to full EMG's, but that's about it.

    Check e-Bay, they usually sell for $300-$400 and you'd be happier "out of the box" than with the OLP. As far as I know, the OLP's aren't made anymore, so you might be limited to stores that have them in-stock.

    I can only speak for the first-run Legend models, the newer Classic/Custom models I have not played.

    And hey, I like the necks. I guess we all have our differences.
  6. sevenorchids

    sevenorchids Supporting Member

    OK. At a price like that, it's kind of a no-lose situation!

    Funny...Ed's still selling that exact same bass on his website for $349...

    Grab it while it's hot!