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SOLD OLP Stingray 5 String, upgraded P/Us & Electronics

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Guitars' started by robd, Jan 25, 2012.

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  1. OLP Stingray 5, natural finish. Maple neck and maple board. Excellent condition, with some minor players wear. Has some light scratches on the pickguard and 1 ding on the front top. (see pics) OLP logo has been removed and custom logo applied. Can easily be removed and headstock sprayed with clear or add a stringray decal

    Has been upgraded with the active electronics from a SUB5 with a battery box installed in the back. Has Nordstrand MM5.2 pickup in it. This is the narrow pickup made especially for the OLP

    From their website...

    "humbucking (dual coil) 5 string Music Man®-type bass pickups

    This pickup is an accurate reproduction of an early pre-Ernie Ball® Music Man® pickup. It uses the same wire, the same magnets, and has the same DC resistance. As a result, it sounds just like the early Music Man® basses that are so widely coveted. It features Alnico V magnets and heavy Formvar wire for an authentic punchy, growly, and inherently fat tone. The MM5.2 is a dual coil pickup that can be wired series, parallel, or single coil (split-able). Includes black cover (exposed pole pieces)."

    This is a nice playing and sounding bass.

    $350 shipped to lower 48 - local pickup always welcome and will deduct some $ if picked up.

    no trades

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  2. more pics

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  3. pics of the ding on the front

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  4. couple more

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  5. Quadzilla

    Quadzilla Supporting Member

    Man, I'm local too, but alas, short on cashola and mostly play 4's! :crying: If this were a 4, I'd really be trying to pull the money together. BTW, wonder if we know each other on the local music scene?
  6. Oh come on....just pretend that extra string isnt there :D

    I'm out of Westminster, playing in a cover band
  7. Sorry, no trades...need $$
  8. you want this bass!
  9. bump
  10. $300 plus actual shipping

    make me an offer..worst I can do is say no
  11. I played at T-Bonz too bump

    Hey, can't buy your bass, but I checked your band out. Great demos! I like the style spin on the covers. Did you record those with the OLP?

    I'll have to watch the calendar for next time you're in Ellicott City.

  12. What are the controls?
  13. Demos are my Modulus Q5. I played the OLP that you see in the pics from T-bonz because the output jack on my modulus decided to go belly up 1/2 way into the 3rd song of the night.

    we're waiting for T-Bonz to get their new stage before going there again....playing straight into a wall with the crowd off to the side is kind of weird.

    We'll be at Goldens Sports Bar in Ellicott City on the 24th of March. Come down and be sure to come up and say hello.
  14. Volume, treble, bass. 2 band active eq from a SUB5

    You want his bass!!:hyper:
  15. Will include a free gig bag

    reasonable offers considered

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  16. reasonable offers?
  17. you want this bass
  18. pm'd
  19. This bass is still available.

    sounds WAY better then any stock OLP
  20. been a few days bump

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