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OMG What Did I Do... First Double Bass

Discussion in 'Basses [DB]' started by nocats, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. nocats


    Dec 27, 2018
    I thought that with a compact car, I would never be able to get an upright that I've been dreaming of for so many years, (I won't say how many) but then I just happen to see a YT video from Upton Bass folks where a guy put one in a Mini Cooper and that video gnawed on my brain until the day after Christmas I remembered that on this very forum, I saw a guy selling a bass too far from me, but he said he got it from a place, shockingly, 10 mins from me. They closed in half an hour, an hour later I pulled that giant out of my tiny car and inside and now I'm sore in a few places.
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  2. hypercarrots


    Jan 28, 2009
    los angeles
    What kind of car?
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  3. nocats


    Dec 27, 2018
    Corolla from 06. I just realized I'm in BG, I guess this should be in DB.
  4. Are you sore from lifting the bass wrong, sore from carrying it wrong, or sore from playing it without calluses?

    The best way to lift your bass is to hold it with a side against you, the neck over your shoulder, your outer hand within the outer C bout and your inner hand within the inner C bout...

    The best way to carry your bass any distance is to wheel it, do a search here for that and you'll get lots of ideas.

    The best way to get calluses is to... to get calluses. It usually also involves getting blisters at first. When you feel the hot spot forming, take a break and put ice on it. If you still have to play more, tape it up (I use duct tape with a folded tissue pad over the hot spot / blister).

    Don't give up, but be gentle with yourself. A teacher is a great idea, at least to learn how not to hurt yourself.
    Last edited: Dec 29, 2018
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  5. PauFerro


    Jun 8, 2008
    United States
    It took me two months to develop significant hand and arm and shoulder strength. I woke up day after day with my hands feeling like massive anvils. After that, it went away.
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  6. eh_train

    eh_train Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 12, 2004
    Owner, Stand Up Guy Basses (Repair/Sell/Buy upright basses)
    What kind of car!?

    Curious types want to know what kind of bass! Pics are always appreciated. Also, what Dhergert said, about getting some lessons...
  7. Sam Dingle

    Sam Dingle Supporting Member

    Aug 16, 2011
    New Orleans
    Wait, you saw a video on youtube, and ran and bought an upright bass with 30 minutes to spare?

    I thought I was impulsive....

  8. That is a TRUE ROLE MODEL!!!
    (except for the "nocats" thing)
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  9. nocats


    Dec 27, 2018
    Wheels, good idea, hadn't thought of it, calluses in different places, I have a little experience with the fingers, I felt like I was 30 mins from blisters, so I took a day off, haven't told the GF yet, she's about to come over and see it sitting there on the floor, I have no room on my chip or I'd video the event, ha, can't wait for the lack of an appropriate reaction. Tape, not a bad idea also! Thanks.
  10. nocats


    Dec 27, 2018
    I think I was also holding up the weight of it with my thumb, so I saw a YT vid of John Clayton about holding the bass and I started to take the weight with my body, that helped right away. Also standing up lower back already had some trouble, feet, legs, arms weird angle, and different wear on fingers ... GF pulled up, gotta go. Thanks for reply, active forum!
  11. notabene


    Sep 20, 2010
    SF Bay area
    I end up being much more worn down by putting the case on, putting the wheel on, loading the bass in the car, unloading, taking the case off, and reversing the procedure, than by playing a three set gig.

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  12. nocats


    Dec 27, 2018
    Toyota Corolla. Bass is a Celestini, student grade, 3/4 has a repair on the back, looks like a lot of fingerboard work was done.

    Attached Files:

  13. Sam Sherry

    Sam Sherry Inadvertent Microtonalist Supporting Member

    Sep 26, 2001
    Portland, ME
    Euphonic Audio "Player"
    "I play for free. I get paid to travel."
    -- Jerry Garcia
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  14. nocats


    Dec 27, 2018
    The final impulse after years and years of waiting, suddenly realized I can do this.
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  15. OK, I have a 48 hour window here. My wife is supporting me to take lessons nearby at a local college with an excellent staff of musicians who teach. One has played the DB for maybe 35 years. Anyway, Monday (in two days) is when classes begin. Here's my questions. I drive a Lexus 350. Will this tear up my seats? Will it fit? (I've seen videos of placing a DB in the front seat, with the seat all the way back). I've played EB for 54 years. I play twice a week currently each time for about 3 hours. What's going to be going on with my fingers - wrists - arms when I begin taking classes?
    What I'm thinking is, an easy way to get the DB sound would be a Kayla Ubass for under $500. An easy way but not the real deal. Here in Nashville I haven't seen a used DB for less than $1,400. So, I'm asking you guys and gals - would this work? Will I be able to play the EB weekly with calluses and blisters? Or let a sub fill in while I get through that stage?
    Times right to try and do this. I just need to know if I could get the thing in my only vehicle. THANK YOU for any and all advice.
  16. nocats


    Dec 27, 2018
    Check out youtube for upton bass fitting in any car. That's what got me to pull the trigger buying one. The only reason I went for mine so quickly was because it was $1,100 and the shop was a primarily bass place I think, since the first thing walking in the door was a room of double basses, at least a dozen, and photos of the owner with everyone famous in b&w pictures from past decades of Jazz. I just read the wiki, good stuff...but I didn't read it first. What I saw was that this place wasn't going to even sell a bass that wasn't set up well and they were the real deal, included a bag and a bow and the rear repair was very nicely done.

    I stop playing right before the blister starts since that would set me back too many days for healing, but I'll take a day off. I get pain in my lower back, feet, arms, neck. shoulder, fretting hand wrist and thumb, but not serious. It's been about 3 weeks and I'm starting to find the invisible notes on the mysterious fingerboard and I'm starting to walk the 3 chords like crazy all over first position or halff, I'm not sure what it is yet, and getting that first octave on g string to c, YT helps a LOT. I use the reference notes constantly.

    Like the 5th from open G string to find C up the neck, using open A to reference A on G string, and same with open E and E on D string, and the G 5th from C on A string and I have a little $10 tuner that round red one that uses vibrations, on the F hole to tune up and sometimes even to check my fingering which a lot of the time is in tune and is very surprising, other times way off by half a half step and it's weird.

    The bow is insane. Suddenly there's a serious sound and it's orchestral sounding to me and blows my mind, the room is filled with sound and stuff is rattling all over, and I start picking out bass lines of some simple classical stuff I play on keyboard and of course, the Game of Thrones theme on bass is awesome.

    I could go on, but gotta go. If you're gonna actually get instruction, that's great. I'm still looking but in the meantime, walking up and own with 4 half steps all over the thing and wearing out my skin and writing arrangements for it. I'll record it very soon with some YT vids to come. Good luck and read the wiki here above on the menu.
  17. jsf729

    jsf729 Supporting Member

    Dec 12, 2014
    Central Maryland

    Brother, you're all over the map. No disrespect, but it comes down to how bad do you want to do this? DB is the real deal. Fretless bass, Kala, etc. are not the real deal. They have their own voice. BD is a physical instrument and you are wise to get a teacher to show you the proper technique. Maybe you could get a teacher to come to you for a few lessons. If DB grabs you, then sell your vehicle and get something that can transport the bass and an amp rig 'cause you'll want to get out to jam sessions. gigs. rehearsals, etc. Plus, you may have a gig where you "double" (EB and DB). Fact is, there are sacrifices that must be made. If you want it bad enough- you'll make them. Best of luck with whatever you decide.
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  18. fdeck

    fdeck Supporting Member Commercial User

    Mar 20, 2004
    Madison WI
    HPF Technology LLC
    I transported my DB in a 4 door compact sedan for several years. The back story is that we also had a station wagon, but it got the kiddie seats and I got the sedan. After a few trips, it became second nature to get it in and out. That was when I was gigging 1-2 times a week.

    The main thing is that your bass is supposed to be worth more than your car, so you either need to get a cheaper car or a more expensive bass. ;)
  19. I got a bass in Oakland and I drove from San Diego. Anyone here from Socal knows it could take 4 hours just to get through LA/Pasadena from San Diego on some days. That day I bought another 3/4, it took almost 8 hours to Oakland, I got the bass turned around and drove back. Because it was 1 Am by the time I was in LA. it was just over 5 hours to get back. I drive an 06 Jetta and I think the same size to a Corolla. Bass was in the front seat and this one has a wide lower bout and barely enough space when I was in 5th gear. Scroll went over the top of the rear passenger seat. For this reason I really like my 1/2 size bass. It is louder than a Kay with guts pizzicato and definitely can compete with my carved 3/4s bowed except for the lower registers
  20. Matt Ides

    Matt Ides Supporting Member

    May 12, 2004
    Minneapolis, MN
    I have a Chevy Spark. I have gotten my bass in Mini Copper and Smart car. Where there is a will there is a way.
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