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Omnicabsim or VT Bass DI after my B7KU

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by stephen wright, Jan 13, 2017.

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  1. I'm currently trying to round out my Nano+ pedal board so that I can DI straight to a mixing board and FOH. My current signal chain is:


    EBMM Sterling - Polytune mini - Empress Compressor - Darkglass B7K Ultra

    As there isn't much space left on my pedal board i'm not too sure what to add to get a really good FOH sound. Since the B7KU doesn't have a cab sim i was thinking about an Omnicabsim deluxe, which seems to get a bit of praise around here. also, I was considering a Sansamp VT Bass DI since it has an inbuilt cab sim and it may offer up other possible tones (more vintage tube tones). I'll probably be playing a bunch of covers of varying genres so i'll need a good cleanish sound, so will the B7KU be flexible enough for this (perhaps just the clean side engaged or the distortion on with low gain and blend) and will the omnicabsim be a good addition to this?
    Or would getting the VT Bass DI as an always on clean tone (maybe SVT pre-set type tone) after the B7KU be a better option since i can utilise the inbuilt cab sim? I feel like this may just turn my B7KU into a really expensive distortion pedal though...

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated as i don't have much experience in this space. Also i'd be happy to hear other options too!
  2. NoxNoctus

    NoxNoctus The Crushinator

    May 9, 2004
    Annapolis, MD
    The OCS is really flexible, and will give you a lot of tone sculpting abilities. It won't make it sound like you're running through an SVT, but I think you'd be really happy with it. I love using mine to send DI to FOH and my ears, really nice to be able to change the response and whatnot depending on the room
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  3. taylor16


    Dec 25, 2012
    I've done this with the VT Bass DI and it works very well. I voted for the SansAmp even though I haven't tried the other cab sim which I'm sure works very well from what I've read. The SansAmp is just so flexible and dynamic. It really can do everything and the cab sim just flat out works. Plus I love the parallel out feature. I think a lot of players forget that this is exactly how the pedal/preamp/cab sim/DI was meant to be used!
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  4. I think it all depends on what do you want to achieve. If your main interest is to have a cab sim and a solid DI, then the OmniCabSim is the way to go. It is by far the best of the two for that function. Seriously. It has so much versatility!
  5. Thanks for the advice guys, it seems like both could probably do the trick. Frank_Raider, yes my main interest is to have a cab sim and a solid DI so i'm probably leaning more towards OCS at this stage (good to see another Psychologist bassist here too haha). I guess i'm just wondering if the clean tone from the B7KU (or with slight distortion) into the OCS will be good enough for a mix of genres and hoping that it will not be too "sterile". I did manage to see a video of the OCS where they they turned it on with a clean tone going into it and that sounded really good.
  6. Haha! Cheers, my friend! As long as we don't start receiving personal messages asking for free mental help, haha.

    About the pedals, I think the VT Bass would be a really solid tool if it were the only pedal you'll have (EQ, OD, cab sim, DI). And if the cab sim it has suits you perfectly, then maybe that's the way to go. But, considering you already have the VMTU, wich is pretty versatile, I really think the OCSD could do a stellar match. It can go from very vintage-y, middier and darker sound to a definitely modern, clear and bright one. You have control over highs, lows and mids, in a way that no other EQ could. I have it and I love the way it has enhanced my tone, even for home practicing. Plus you have a very powerful headphone amp and an aux in. I can't see myself playing without it. Love it.
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  7. depalm


    Apr 22, 2004
    São Paulo
    Darkglass pedals use to have a cut on hi freq like amp simulation. Maybe you'll don't need another pedal.
  8. That's true, but if you are blending some clean signal, then that portion comes out without the effect of the filter. And, even with that filter, if you're not using a cabinet, the DG pedals -as any other pedal- works better with a cab sim. The OCSD demo from Excane shows how even DG pedals can benefit by using it.

    I have a VMT (I know it's not the same as the Ultra, but they share the same character) and using it with the OCSD makes it more clear and tight (in a good way), and the textures of the sound are more pronounced. Very good combination.
  9. Damn, the holiday discount on the Omnicabsim website just ended! I wonder if they will have another price drop anytime soon, or even another free shipping discount - pretty pricey to get it out here to NZ.
  10. I run my b7k ultra into my sans amp RBI. Really digging that combination.
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