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  1. Hey guys. I just installed a new SD bassline pickup in my P bass. This job is so simple that it would be hard to screw it up. Black wire goes to the case of the volume pot, white wire goes to the first leg of the volume pot. Just like the stock pickup was. Now for the problem. It works great, seems like it's got way more output and got rid of some of that annoying woody sound the 62RI pickup had but.....the E string sounds like it's going through some kind of flanger. I think all the strings sound that way but it's most noticeable on the E string. I've adjusted the pickups up and down but nothing get's rid of the noise. Does this sound like a defective pickup? I did a search on this and did find one post but could not really take anything away from it that would do me any good. I'm sure this doesn't matter but I put the pickup with the bassline logo on the bottom. Any help would be appreciated.
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    Nov 21, 2003
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    Did you change your strings when you changed the pickup?
  3. Mmm, no. But that was becuase I had just put a new set of roto's on a week prior.
  4. Ok, I just wanted to post the fix for my problem. It turns out it must have been the E string itself. I noticed the wierd flange type sound was there if I listened real close to the bass without it bieng plugged in. I took the neck off and made sure all was cool there. Took the bridge off and all was good there. Tightened everything up real good, strung it with a new set of roto's and now the E rings clear as a bell as do the other strings. I just wanted to post this fix so if anybody else has this problem or a problem like it and does a search they might find some help here.

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