On choosing a six string

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by azureblue, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. I bought an inexpensive active six string with a 35" scale and put laBella flats on it, just to see if I could do what I want on it. I have decided to get a better one, and would like some input from the more experienced six stringers here about which one to get. the six I have is OK, but I miss the middle EQ control and it needs some fret work. And I am considering swapping electronics, but would like to be sure I am not sinking money into a mediocre bass, when I could just go get a good one to begin with.

    I an a bit of a throwback- I love flatwounds and the sound of the original single coil Precision (had one- boy do I miss it's tone- but not the neck), the P-J sound, and uprights. And my solos are more like Joe Pass, Barney Kessel, etc. I can slap- got tired of that years ago, b ut it isn't my main sound. I love the older bass sounds, just in hi fi- with more clarity & definition. I have a BB5000 with these huge Daddario flats and Bartolini pickups and preamps. I love the bass, but I notice it doesn't seem to have the finger attack thump that uprights and the 6 stringer I have produce. I find the six string a bit wide at the neck for me, but I have adjusted to it. So to start with, is the 35" scale responsible for the extra "thump"? It seems to me that most sixes are marketed for slappers and come set up for that- rounds low actions, an Alembic or piano tone, but that's not what I am after. Which ones are better suited for my tastes? Can any get a semi upright tone?

    Thanks and all input is appreciated..