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On "Good God's Urge"

Discussion in 'Ask Mike Watt [Archived]' started by Aaren Double J, Jan 29, 2003.

  1. Did you use a P or a J bass ?:confused:
  2. watt

    watt TalkBass Pro Supporting Member


    I used a late sixties gibson non-reversed thunderbird II (I put a bartolini preamp in it).

    on bass, watt

  3. Ohh ...right. Boy , do I look stupid . Ah well .

    I just dig the tone you got on that album , I felt it sounded really warm and 'P bassy' .
  4. watt

    watt TalkBass Pro Supporting Member


    please don't worry - I believe most about how a bass sounds from how you play it. the t-bird and the p-bass have their one pickup about in the same place too. both pickups are humbuckers too though the p-bass' is split. then the t-bird is mostly mahogany, oh man - I could go on and on however, perception is nine-tenths of the law, right?

    on bass, watt

  5. bigbassjay


    Jan 9, 2003
    I gotta say the 2 tracks you play bass on....is in my opinion, some of the greatest bass playing i have heard, the nuance of the playing on the song "good gods...." is very inspiring, and when it came out....my god, it changed a lot of rules for me.
    Thank you
  6. Yeah , that album was amazing .

    100 Ways is soooooo good .

    Huh ? another P4P fan ????
  7. watt

    watt TalkBass Pro Supporting Member


    very kind of you.

    on bass, watt

  8. i can attest to this personally - i've gotten watt-like sounds out of my fender j-basses (four-string fretless and custom made five-string, both black with white pickguards [nwo/outsiders colors]) and my white kramer focus ... even unplugged and with the fretless strung with d'addario half-rounds. :bassist:

    the fact that some of my favorite warm-up/practice lines happen to be "political nightmare", "big train", "relatin' dudes to jazz", "formal introduction" (etc.) seems to help too. ;)

  9. stephanie


    Nov 14, 2000
    Scranton, PA
    I remember learning "Good God's Urge" at my lessons some time ago. What a great bassline! :cool: It's such a great song to play.
  10. "good god's urge" is a great record. too bad it is so overlooked.
    i guess the people who "get" it are who you'd expect. it's not ear candy, so...no airplay or MTV glory.
    but **** all that, right?

    take care

  11. watt

    watt TalkBass Pro Supporting Member



    thanks for the generous thoughts.

    on bass, watt