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On the bike!!

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by mat gregory, Jan 23, 2005.

  1. Well just got home from another day in the office ( well 5hrs training on my bike did 90miles) , time to relax one thinks , its a bit chilly here in england , close to freezing this morning and yesterday below 0 (frost was forming on my gloves and sleeves and my sunglasses iced over!!) , u know what they say "cycling is fun and good for"

    so any of uTB'ers cyclists?? (preferably roadies none of this mtb rabble :ninja: )
  2. DougP


    Sep 4, 2001
    i am an MTB rabbler all the way! :D
  3. Absolutely! I have a Lemond Alpe d'Huez and a BiKyle Criterium. Saturday, here, was a great day for cycling! ...then, as evening set in, the temperature started plummeting and the winds started picking up. Yesterday at this time, it was 71 degrees and calm. Today, it's 40 degrees and the winds are ~10 mph, gusting to 15. I don't mind training in the wind (and why is it that, no matter which direction you want to go, there's never a tailwind... always a headwind?!??), but wind plus cold?? No thanks. I'll rig up the Minoura and take a spin in the living room!
  4. wow! the weather over there sounds fantastic!!
    last week we trained in 40mph gusts they would blow u to more or less a standstill as we were riding in a chaingang i get a battering in the wind as im only 55kg.

    Hehe il riding a Mike Kowal bike (who?? ur thinking) hes a local frame builder round these parts , i have all my frames custom built ,mines alloy with carbon rear end and will be here in a week or two as my last one expired, i use campagnolo chorus groupsets , pazza carbon wheelsets , carbon, bars ,stem , chainset etc etc.
  5. Hey I used to put in about 250 miles a week until I herniated a disk in my lower back :mad: I sure do miss it!!!! Nothing like being on the open road. I just can't stay crouched, puts way to much stress on my lower back.

    Anyway I've got a Specialized Epic with Mavic bottem bracket, and front fork...Shimano dura ace all around and Time Clipins. Just can't bring my self to sell it , so there it sits on my wall. :crying:

    Somtimes when at the gym on the "no impact elipticaltrainer" I just close my eyes and imagine I'm on the road............
  6. It's all relative. To counter this, we have August. 95+ temps with humidity at a steady 95 percent! ugh. It isn't bad while you're moving, as the sweat will evaporate off, but as soon as you come to a stop, you're drenched!

    :( Sorry to hear about your back. I averaged 200+ miles per week for two years straight -- took my bike to work with me on the roof rack, then stopped by the trail and put in a quick 20 mi. on the way home from work every day. On the weekends, I'd usually do the local club ride on Sat. & Sun.