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  1. CosmicRay

    CosmicRay Supporting Member

    I guess I'll be hearing from a lot of you on this topic.
    I've been reading a lot on TB about fEARful cabs. I am interested in
    the possibility of getting set up with these cabs.
    In the opinions of fellow bassists who are familiar with these cabs, which configuration would be the most similar in sound and volume to say, two (2) 212 cabs, without using four (4) 12's....if that's even a possibility. I'm looking for less shleppage and best bang for the buck.
    They would be running through an Eden WT800C
  2. Which cabs do you want to sound like and be as loud as?
  3. CosmicRay

    CosmicRay Supporting Member

    I am presently using two Aguilar GS212 cabs.
  4. I'll leave follow-up answers to those more knowledgable.
    I asked a question I knew the smart guys would want answered.

    I can tell you that EVERY fearful cab with have a MUCH more even response, with more present mid-range then your current cabinet. To soudn the same you will need to be familiar with your EQ.
  5. monkeyfinger

    monkeyfinger Moderator Staff Member

    First, I highly recommend you visit the fearful website, and join the fearful forum for the most accurate information and knowledgeable support. From what I have gathered from my investigation, all fearfuls sound the same. (The optional horn extends the highs, of course.) The number of and size of drivers only effect how loud the speaker can be. The two builders I talked to seem to favor the 15/6 or 15/6/1 for a general purpose pop/rock/top 40/whatever cab. The 12/6 sounds exactly the same, but just not as loud. The 15/15/6/6, aka the '66, sound just like the 12/6 but a lot louder. The 12/6 seems to be a popular choice among players who are really uncomfortable toting anything over 35lbs or who normally play moderate volume gigs. So don't buy/build this cab because you want it to introduce a certain character to your tone, buy it because it does not have any character. This means your sound depends on your style, technique, bass and amp.
  6. Primakurtz

    Primakurtz Registered Nihilist Supporting Member

    Nov 23, 2011
    Denver, Colorado
    Based on my own recent experience, I would suggest a 1212/6.
  7. will33


    May 22, 2006
    That'd be a function of sensitivity, frequency response and power available.....many variables. That said, 1 of the woofers used in fEARfuls can theoretically displace roughly twice as much air before audible distortion as 2 "regular" drivers, if you have the clean power available to push it that far.

    I sometimes get the feeling I'd be buying more driver than I can make use of with smaller/medium power amplifiers but considering the sensitivity of the 15 loaded versions, it's not really a concern. Still, your amp power is a factor though. A smallish amp isn't going to be able to push one to it's full potential/available output.
  8. will33


    May 22, 2006
    The 12" loaded versions have a sensitivity more akin to regular drivers. In that case, you would need more power to get into their area where value really gets added, in terms of just getting loud. Many other benefits to the design aside from that though.
  9. Mike Arnopol

    Mike Arnopol Inactive Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jan 4, 2005
    Owner of MAS Soundworks
    I'm not a fan of schlepping big cabs. I think a great solution is a couple of 12/6 cabs or a 12/6 and a 12 sub. A 12/6 will work on most gigs (trust me) and 2 of them will go louder than a 15/6 and you will have more wattage available since you'll have a 4 ohm load. The 15/6's sound awesome, but they are big.
  10. tombowlus

    tombowlus If it sounds good, it is good Gold Supporting Member

    Apr 3, 2003
    North central Ohio
    Editor-in-Chief, Bass Gear Magazine
    I still really like my 12/6cube/1 and 15/6/1 stack, but one of the reasons for doing a 12 and a 15 was for testing purposes (fEARful reviews coming soon!). Looking at it from a purely gigging perspective, I might have done two of the 12/6cube/1's. One of them is enough for many gigs, two would make for a great high volume bass rig, and I could also use them for PA cabs if need be. Of course, I can still do that with my current setup, and the 15/6/1 is quite amazing on its own, but the 12/6cube/1 is definitely easier to schlep.

    IME/IMHO, the various options that greenboy gives you are all "no-loose" scenarios. If you pick the configuration that seems like it'd fit what you do the best, chances are it will serve you quite well. And if you don't dig what one fEARful set is doing for you, then it's unlikely that a different fEARful setup is going to float your boat. Though some of greenboy's new designs definitely offer some intriguing alternatives to the fEARful cabs.

    Here's a pic of my fEARfuls together. I really like this setup. :bassist: :bassist: :bassist: :cool:

  11. swspiers

    swspiers Supporting Member

    Nov 6, 2009
    Jacksonville, NC
    I have a 1212/6/1 that I drive with a WT800 A. I currently run in bi-amp mode, but am ditching the WT800 in favor of a Navigator and a QSC amp.

    The 1212 is slightly louder than the 15/6, slighly more efficient and more importantly can use the full power out to your WT800 in bridge mode @ 4 ohms. I personally don't think the WT800 is a good pairing with an 8 ohm cab like the 15/6 (but still better than my Genz Benz Shuttlemax 12.0). A 1515/66 would be earth-shattering.

    One thing though- I get a lot of volume bi-amping, just not a lot of headroom. The Eden EQ running this way is pretty good at taming the mids a bit.

    I also think that stating that the fEARful has 'no character' is fundamentally true, but misleading. There is no mid-bump common with other cabs, or dips common with other cabs. It's pretty darn flat until you get into the high mids, say above 1.5 KHz if I remember correctly. Greenboy has pointed out time and time again that one needs to re-think everything they know about EQ with these cabs. I heartily agree. Combined that with the awesomeness of the Eden EQ cabability, it can be callenging at first to dial in and control the sound. Right now I cut the bass to about 10:00, and run everything else flat except for a cut in the high mids @ 1.5K to 10:00 as well. I don't use enhance at all.

    The amount of bass the 1212 generates with the Eden is impressive has heck. My guitarist has actually asked me to turn down because I was drowning out the drums.

    And yet I still want more headroom...
  12. RNV


    Apr 13, 2010
    Loxahatchee, Fl
    fEARful (I endorse them, not visa versa)
    Like everyone else has said. They have no character. They become what you want them to be, only better than you could ever imagine. To be equal to your 412 setup, I would suggest either a 12/6 = 12sub, or a 1212/6 if you thing you'll always need everything. I have a 66, and I wish that I went with a 15/6+15Sub just so I could decide to take a smaller setup if I wanted to. But I play in a metal band ans went with bigger is better, when I knew it really didn't matter with the fEARful cabs. Its just one is louder than the one before it.
  13. Oobly


    Jun 19, 2008
    Well.... they do have some character, but are pretty flat up to about 1kHz. There is a dip from 1.5k to about 2.2k, a peak at 2.5k and another, stronger peak at 4k. Still, very flat compared to other bass cabs. The 4k peak is nice if you use distortion.

    You CAN make the response very flat by modifying the midrange highpass into a bandpass and modifying the tweeter highpass to cross over lower, but for bass purposes it isn't really worth it, IMHO. If you want to use the cab for other purposes (like I do), it's worth looking into.

    A 1212/6 is a very good all-purpose cab. Not quite as loud as a 4x12, but still very loud and clean. A 1515/66 is... epic. They respond really well to EQ'ing, you can hear the changes easily.
  14. JxBass

    JxBass Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2008
    Tom beat me to it. I was going to mention that the new Greenboy designs are worth considering - the new Dually looks like it could be a contender for your needs - just to give you more Greenboy options and further confuse the picture :smug:
  15. barryaudio


    Feb 9, 2012
    Authorized Builder: fEARful bass, greenboy designs, Bill Fitzmaurice
    +1 on visiting the fEARful forum. Lots of folks over there can help you out!

    If you are used to two 2x12 rigs, then you probably want a 1515/66 or 15/6+15Sub. The 15/6+15Sub is a nice setup where you can have a 15/6 for some gigs and drag the second cab along for other gigs. If given enough juice, a 15/6 can compete with 6x10s. If you only do gigs where you need both 2x12 cabs, you should probably get a 1515/66 and don't look back! Yet another option, as Tom described is a 15/6 (or 15 Sub) +12/6 combo. This is nice if most of your gigs will only require a 12/6 and the 15 is just needed for some gigs.
  16. [​IMG]


    35 pounds of a$$ kickery. Lighter cabs mean you have a different caliber of roadie as well.

    The 15/6 isnt always enough for my needs. So here is the bigger gun. If the 15/6 is a strategical nuke, this is the planet killer.

  17. CL400 Peavey,

    I'm shopping for a 1515/66 and a bass head. I'm considering a GBE 1200 or a Carvin B2000 both of which are in the 1000 watts range @ 4 ohms. I use a very clean tone for reggae. I'd like to simply use a head for plug and play. How much power do your Peavey amps -pictured- put out into your "66" ? Do you feel that you get enough power for the "66"? Also, I'm not familiar with those two amps from Peavey - do you use both of them for the "66"?
    Thank You
  18. The top one is a Mark VIII XP. Its a solid state head that puts out about 350 watts into a 4 Ohm load. I use this head a lot at practice as it has more EQ options and is easier to dial out some lows so I dont knock so much stuff off the walls at my drummers house. The other head is a Classic 400. It is a 400 watt all tube head. It is wonderful and has the biggest sound of any amp that I have ever used. This head produces a ton of low end, which is great at a show, but doesnt sit well with my drummers gal, or his neighbors. The other head that I have is a PF-500. Its a great little head, and is rated as my most powerful. It gets loud, but it doesnt sound as big as the tube head.

    So as you can see I dont hit my cab with anything near the power level that it can handle. That said a little food for thought.

    Through the same cab, 1000 watts is only about 3 dB louder than 500. That isnt a huge margin. 500 watts is only 3 dB louder than 250. It takes around 10 times the power to double your volume. So when asked "how loud are my heads through the 66?" my response is "Man its ƒμ¢κin' loud..." Dont let anyone tell you that you are "under powering" a cab, its BS. My rig is loud, tear down your house loud, defile you women and burn your village loud.
  19. dukeorock

    dukeorock Owner BNA Audio Commercial User

    Mar 8, 2011
    Nashville, TN
    Authorized greenboy designs builder/Owner of BNA Audio
    +1 on going to the fEARful users forum. There are a lot of different configs these days and they all sound amazing...just need to decide schlep and ohms issues and you're set. A simpler, cheaper solution is a Faital loaded 'dually.' Relatively light, MASSIVE sounding and those drivers go up pretty high for a full range cab. I'm still doing a 15/6/1 and 15sub...life is good :)
  20. Lets not talk about Dually's. I have a 1515/66 and a 15/6, but I still GAS for a Dually.

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