On Tour with a Gospel Choir out of Germany, searching for a 5-String to rent

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  1. Hey Guys

    I will be in Florida, Clearwater from 19th Oct to 30th Oct and playing with a german Gospel Choir in local Churches. Unfortunately our flight company (AirBerlin) got broke and we had to reschedule all our flights (60+) - For know we try to lower all the costs and im thinking about renting a Bass Guitar. I am a professional Fulltime BassPlayer in Germany and mainly playing my Lakland 55-94 - Maybe i am lucky and there is a fellow Bassplayer in the Clearwater Area, who can lend me a 5-String with maybe 18mm String Spacing similar to a Lakland/Fender etc. Vibe. Please check out my little Youtube Channel for an impression on my playing:

    Robert Schulenburg

    Any hints and tips? We could also hook up on Skype to get a more personal impression. Thank you very much and lots of regards out of Cologne, Germany.