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one-click printing for subscribed threads?

Discussion in 'Suggestion Box' started by onewebfoot, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. TB creators and sustainers, I'm currently subscribed to 220+ threads covering 12+ categories, and have been organizing and rereading these notes of 18+ months. If i was somehow locked out of TB for a year, I believe I could develop further as a player/student by having taken "pictures" of people's input lo these many moons on various topics of interest.

    For me, it's been primarily notes on a certain boutique bass brand or two, song lists, recordings, fretless, string choices, Latin, Jazz, fretless, fusion, practice techniques, setup/mods, and fretless, etc.).

    Does your Web development environment allow for the creation of a button that allows members to print all subscribed threads in a single click? I hardly ever print hard copy documents. My interest is in creating a single PDF file (print to PDF) of all the subscribed threads in a given category, so that I could search a single PDF in a category electronically. Might not be doable, but I'd use it. Many thanks. -Vince

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