For Sale/Trade One Control BJF Buffer - NEW - Price Now Reduced to $90 shipped

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    The One Control OC-BJ BJF buffer puts one of the brightest minds in the effect pedals business to use, to create the best buffer pedal available on the market. This pedal is designed by Sweden's Björn Juhl (of BJFe pedals)

    NEW (old stock) in box, shipped CONUS - $95.00 Now only $80

    BJF Buffer (1 of 1).jpg

    BJF’s designs have been imitated countless times but out of all of those clone attempts one thing was clear; BJF designs and selection of transistors and circuits is special. Although BJF has designed many pedals, this will be the only stand-alone buffer that he has designed. Efforts were made to make sure that the BJF buffer gives you the perfect amount of gain as well as input and output impendence.

    Even if the pedal is over-loadeded the design takes in to account that any distortion is still pleasant to the ears. While BJF was creating this pedal he specifically said that he does not put his name on a product that he doesn’t believe in and said that he believes this buffer design is great.
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