One for the Metallica/Flamenco fans....

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  1. OK I know this is a guitar piece - NOT BASS - but it's bloody brilliant - these two awesome Flamenco guitarists - Mexican born, Dublin based - Rodrigo and Gabriela are blowing people away - and this is a great example of why; the mix Metaillca's 'One' (complete with double-bass drum riffage), into an equally amazing version of Dave Brubeck's 'Take 5' - it's really worth downloading:

    More here:

    This is one of the joys of my job as I'm always discovering stuff I never normally hear if I was a non-musical member of Joe Public - basically this is brilliant!
  2. Vorago

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    Jul 17, 2003
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    haha, that rules man! very good stuff!
  3. Razor


    Sep 22, 2002
    Great find! Awesome. :bassist:
  4. BassGod


    Jan 21, 2004
    Awesome! :)
  5. Don W

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    Jan 30, 2004
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    Awesome stuff. Thanks for the link!
  6. Benjamin Strange

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    That is really great , thanks very much for posting that. I have been listening to it over and over for about 40 mins now :D :bassist: .
  8. Bryan R. Tyler

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    May 3, 2002
    I dig how they fell into "Take 5."
  9. Yeah it's f***ing cool eh? I was so pleasantly surprised - I'm hoping their PR woman will send me a copy of the album - I love falmenco picking techniques - they have a tendancy to make even Wooten's thumb work look kinda lame! And I say that with the greatest respect to VW - but Flamenco has been around for hundreds of years - proof once again that it's all really been done before - but these guys have something special - I recommend downloading a few more tunes from their website as they really incredible shredders - with taste... ;)

    Glad you guys appreciate this.

  10. Wow, haven't heard One in a long time - almost forgot how beautiul it is!
    Cool stuff.....
  11. DaveBeny


    Mar 22, 2000
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    Great stuff! :bassist: I'm open to suggestions for other flamenco artists to check out. Paco de Lucia and The Gypsy Kings ;) are about the limits of my knowledge.
  12. I got sent the album today and it rocks - I didn't realise Gabriela is a chic! Awesome - anyway I'm going to see them on Sunday in London - should be wicked ;)
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    Very cool. I love One and I love flamenco guitar, so this was very cool.

  15. Blimey,that's good (that's what i imagine i sound like when i play my spanish) (yeah Right!!). :bassist:

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    I think it is great when you can take the effects and distortion out of a song and here the natural tones of the instruments ring through on a great song like One. :bassist:
  17. Can't wait ot see these two live tomorrow - I'll let you know what they're like live - and like you say Major, it's pretty awesome what you can do with a guitar and some mojor talent - the double-bass drum heavy bit they do is incredible...

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    Still very much enjoying it. :bassist: