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One man's search for GAS relief!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by IotaNet, Mar 24, 2005.

  1. To the Group -

    I hope you get a kick out of reading this little tale bacause I am DEFINITELY getting a kick out of living it! :hyper:

    Bought my Fender MIM Jazz last December and am enjoying the world of bass -- progressing nicely and getting halfway decent. Like most of us, I got attacked by a severe case of GAS so I decided to do something about it. In a BIG way!

    * First thing I did was break down and buy a Fender Aerodyne!


    I fell in love with it when I first saw it last October but didn't want to pony up the bucks to buy a brand new one. Turns out, "FatDog" from TB had one to sell and we did the deal. Why did I buy it? Besides the fact that it looks like a Porsche with strings, I am really interested in exploring the P/J PU configuration and I like the feel of the contoured body. She's one sexy lady!

    * Second thing I did was buy (from EvilBay) a Washburn Acoustic - Fretless!


    I have been intrigued by AEB's from the very beginning but I didn't really "get" the concept. I went out and test-drove a few and I'm in love with tone and feel of the things! I am not expecting it to be giggable without amplification but even amped, it has a totally different sound. I also wanted to try my hand in the fretless world (as a former trombone player, a microtonal intrument is something that is very comfortable to me) and for what I paid, this ought to be an excellent way to do so.

    * Third thing I did was to "spruce up" my MIM Jazz.


    She has treated me well so far and I didn't want her to feel neglected so I had a new pickguard custom-made. it will be the same color as the headstock with a little more emphasis on the woodgrain. (The attached image is PhotoChopped -- I'll have an actual picture next week.) I've never seen one quite like this but I expect it to be a classy look while being different.

    * Last thing I did was to reconfigure/consolidate my Amp/cab configuration.


    Since I got started, I've bought some gear and "come into" some other gear -- it was all getting unwieldy for my practice space. I got rid of the Hartke 2000 head (The fan was driving me crazy with the noise!!!), I got rid of the Ampeg PB110 Cab (Cute but no b*lls), and I got rid of the Peavey 410B (Old with muddy tone.) Traded it all in on a Yorkville XM200. Great sound, compact, reasonably powerful -- AND it can drive an outboard 4 Ohm cab if/when I decide to buy one.

    So, that's my tale. I have found GAS relief -- at least for the short term! :bassist:
  2. purfektstranger


    Apr 10, 2003
    Too funny......GAS has a way of making one want new bass equipment to the point where we obsess. Nice choice of gear. You kept it reasonable on the old wallet and will no doubt be getting some sweet sounds sounds. Congrats!
  3. that's some sweet stuff you got there. I'm rather jealous :bassist:
  4. Fatdog


    Nov 18, 2004
    Naples, Florida
    Sorry dude,
    I have decided to keep the Aerodyne and your check too. ;) No, not really. It is ready to go. I kind of hate to part with it but I know it is going to a good home. :bassist:
    Quite the collection you have going!!!!!