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SOLD One of a Kind - 2 neck bass

Discussion in 'For Sale: Europe & International' started by Thaibassman, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. Thaibassman

    Thaibassman Supporting Member

    Jul 9, 2016
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    One-Of-A-Kind 2 neck Bass

    Custom built, 2 neck bass.
    The necks and hardware appear to be from a from a Cort Action bass,
    The body and build was crafted by a luthier in Paris (where I bought it) the neck pockets have a March 1999 stamp. It was totally "re-built" last year to the following specs..............

    The top neck is a 6 string -B, E, [a] A, [d] D ([a] &[d] are higher octave (same set-up as what you get on an "8"string bass)
    The BEAD is string -thru body and the 2 octave route though to the original bridge mountings - intonation of the octave strings waiver a bit after the 14th fret BUT the bass is still playable
    Clearly a riffmeister -set up the action is good albeit the B is not at a tension to be a slapper

    The D easily down tunes to the 5th i.e "g" is an instant power chord in itself

    Lower neck is a standard 4 string fret-less E>G configuration
    String tension (for me) is a shade high so a set of low tension flats on the next re-string could be an option.
    The fret board received 8 costs of gloss - the finish is certainly not custom shop but a noticeable improvement on non gloss necks

    Both necks have 8 coats of stain on the back which have been sanded and polished to a mat finish - the neck finishes are fast and smooth.
    The body (thought to be basswood or similar) is two part and
    has be hand shaped

    Electrics are in 100% condition
    Pick ups modern, 80's tone - the electronics are passive and configured similar to an EB3 - Left to right_ Bridge V/T - Neck V/T 3 way selector 1=top neck 2= off, 3= bottom neck
    The action on both necks is excellent, the truss rods are fully operational and the frets are in good condition
    The machine heads are original + the addition of 2 Wilkinson machine heads for the octave.
    The head has received 4 layers of bronze leaf

    Inserted in to the body are two Buddhist-esque, Mojo enhancing amulets (a '90's take on hollow cavity I guess??)

    The bass is 6.3 kg and balances, OK when on a strap

    You are welcome to Skype me to ask questions and demo the bass

    2nd. 3rd. 4th. 7th.