SOLD One of a kind Cliff Bordwell D Bass

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    For sale only:

    2011 Cliff Bordwell Parallel Chambered "D" Bass

    This is the only parallel chambered bass that Cliff has built in a D body style double cutaway.

    Exceptionally nice example of Cliff's fine work. It weighs in at about 8 pounds and balances very well. The parallel chambering gives this bass a nice woody, organic sound, with plenty of punch to cut the mix.

    The bass is in near new condition with only some minor indentations on the rear of the upper horn from shirt buttons. The marks are small enough they will not photograph and are barely

    Here are the details from Cliff's spec sheet:

    • 34" scale
    • Thickness at 1st fret: .810"
    • Width at nut: 1.5"
    • String spacing: 19 mm
    • Body construction: parallel chamber
    • neck: Maple and Wenge
    • Fingerboard: Pau Ferro
    • Fingerboard radius: 16"
    • Nut: Stabilized Ebony
    • Top Wood: Maple Burl
    • Core: Parallel chamber alternating Englemann Spruce and Spanish Cedar
    • Headstock Laminate: Maple Burl
    • Cavity cover: Englemann Spruce
    • Hipshot style A bridge
    • Hipshot Ultralite tuners
    • Two way fully adjustable truss rod
    • Dunlop strap locks
    • Side mount input jack
    • Pickups: Nordstrand SE in Jazz covers
    • Preamp Aguilar 3 band
    • Controls: Volume / Blend / Treble/ Mid/ Bass
    Hard shell Gator molded case with TSA approved latches and lock is included.

    My latest price is $2,375.00, shipped and insured, CONUS. But, I will listen to reasonable offers. I only accept PayPal and will only ship to the PayPal authorized address.

    I will work with international buyers, but shipping, any import duty, and taxes are at the buyer's expense.

    Please use the "start a conversation" feature on this forum to ask questions or to buy this bass.

    Photos follow.

    Thanks for looking.


    D Bass 1.jpg D Bass 2.jpg D Bass 3.jpg D Bass 4.jpg D Bass 5.jpg

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    My goodness. Gorgeous. Love his work. Someday...

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