SOLD One of a Kind Tony Franklin Fretless

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    A3C41728-2FA5-4396-AE89-9D31E737963C.jpeg This is a unique one of a kind fretless bass. It is the prototype Tony Franklin fretless neck (confirmed by Tony himself) on a lake placid blue warmouth Precision body. It has a DiMarzio DP126 P+J Neck and Bridge Bass Pickup Set installed. It will ship in a generic case.

    Tony Franklin confirmed that (a) this was the only Fretless Monster neck they made with the stamp on the back - he visually identified it as well and (b) he played it while they were making the prototype. Attached are screenshots of part of my conversation with him on Facebook. I sent him pics and asked him a little of the history.

    Perhaps willing to part out and/or trade for the right Jazz Bass.

    PayPal and Conus shipping only. $900 includes shipping.

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    That is bad ass. Sorry for the profanity but if the shoe fits wear it. Oh for the want of $900 extra dollars right now.
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  4. That’s the way I like my ebony. None more black. Very cool.
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    Reasonable offers considered...
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    Holy cow!!
  7. How much does it weigh?