One of Chris Squire's Custom Ricks is up for sale?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Volker Kirstein, Jul 7, 2019.

  1. Volker Kirstein

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  2. Gunga Din

    Gunga Din

    Jun 22, 2018
    I'll pass, thanks.
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  3. creaturegods


    Sep 23, 2017
  4. Skeezix


    Sep 28, 2005
    Jacksonville, FL
    Only if his abilities came with it.
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  5. B-Mac

    B-Mac Happiness is a warm puppy and a great bass Supporting Member

    Looks fake?
    Logo Headstock plate doesn’t look right (curves wrong way)
    Tuning gears are no name
    I’m not an expert on Ric’s
    Not shown or mentioned on CS rig run down vid
    @Ric5 might be able to add something?

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  6. nomaj


    Apr 2, 2012
    It's "one of a child." English phrase in a German text, translated back to German. :)

    I love Google translate (I really do!).
  7. jd56hawk


    Sep 12, 2011
    The Garden State
    I'd probably hang it on the wall.
    Rics definitely look good hanging up.
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  8. Ric5

    Ric5 Supporting Member

    Jan 29, 2008
    I will keep collecting until I have 40 basses
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  9. mapleglo

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    Sep 7, 2013
    phoenix, az
    I don't think so.
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  10. 4001

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    Sep 29, 2004
    Lake County, IL
    :poop: H O R S E P U C K Y :poop:
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  11. bassplayer9512


    Sep 26, 2011
    Fake. Logo on headstock is the wrong font and truss rod cover is a lefty on on a right handed bass.
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  12. Methaneman

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    Jul 4, 2009
    Chicago suburbs
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  13. dalkowski

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    May 20, 2009
    Massachusetts USofA
    Jeez, for the skedillionth time: It's "Squier."
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  14. Tvrtko


    Dec 27, 2002
    South of the USA
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  15. Dr. Cheese

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    Mar 3, 2004
    Metro St. Louis
    If it’s real, Geddy Lee should buy it. After all, Yes had Geddy play Roundabout at the Hall of Fame induction.
  16. I think it's pretty.
  17. Altitude

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    Mar 9, 2005
    Denver, nee Austin
    Which, by, the way, he played on a J in rather poor taste in my opinion. Come on, Geddy. Optics.
  18. bobyoung53

    bobyoung53 Supporting Member

    I saw one of those for sale somewhere or other sometime this year, supposedly Squire contracted Rickenbacker for 5 or so of them but didn't pick them all up. I think it was on Reverb.
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  19. ModuMan

    ModuMan How many is too many? Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2007
    Bristol, CT #19
    Yeah, the sound was great but... really, why not use a Ric? Even Steve Howe played one there. Though maybe he shouldn't have. He famously hated that song and it kind of showed. But I digress...
  20. Clark W

    Clark W Just Say No To Tort! Supporting Member

    Aug 26, 2018
    Well there's one sure fire way to find out if the bass is genuine or not, contact the painter. There's a signed certificate of authenticity by the painter that comes with the bass. And he's alive and well.

    6 basses commissioned in 2007 for Chris Squire were to be painted by the artist, and former brother in law of Ronnie Woods of the Rolling Stones, Paul Karslake. It's his name and supposedly his signature, that is on the Certificate of Authenticity. It is also him and Chris Squire standing in front of his painting in the photo of the "Last Rock N Roll Supper" that is in the ad as well. That is a photograph, as in film. Probably only a few, if not only one, of those even floating around. Most people wouldn't even know, bass guitarists included, who is in the photo, what it's about, or what it's existence even means.

    Of the 6 basses painted by Karslake for Chris Squire, one is on Reverb right now a yellow burst for $7500. And like the one in this thread, the headstock plate is reversed.
    View attachment 3469783
    I wonder if someone at Rickenbacker would confirm if this was done on all 6 of the basses commissioned for Chris Squire in 2007, and if not, how many of the 6 have it.

    But here's the catch, of the 6 basses painted by Karslake, only 3 ever made it back into the hands of Chris Squire. So the question is, "Are these basses for sale two of the three that made their way back to Chris Squire, or are they two of three that didn't?"

    Like I said, there is one person who can confirm if it's one of the basses he painted for Chris Squire, if the signature on the Certificate of Authenticity is in fact his own, and if it's one of the 3 that made it, or one of the 3 that did not make it back to Chris Squire. And that's Paul Karslake.

    The one thing that I do find myself questioning the most in both the German ad and the Reverb one isn't even the bass, it's the COA. The COA in both ads appears to be exactly the same, same date for both, Nov 11th, 2010.

    But actually confirming the authenticity of this bass or the one on Reverb might not be all that hard to do since the painter is still alive, and maybe even someone at Rickenbacker could help verify it too.

    Another tidbit I just found, the one on Reverb was actually listed on the official Facebook page for Yes back in January of 2016.
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