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  1. Ok get this am tuneing my 5 string to Drop C but I end up bracking my strings now. The string am Useing is (Low B -125) (Low E - 105) (A -85) (D-65) and (G - 45) What should I use if am Tuneing up for Drop C? Am may go buy lighter strings if I accedly braking them.
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    Nov 8, 2008
  3. I'm pretty sure the "Drop" in Drop C tuning means you are loosening, not tightening. What kind of strings are you using?
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    It sounds like you broke a B string tuning it up a half step? Seems strange.
  5. Ah, forgot about the B string! Although op did say strings......
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    If I'm correct, Drop C is basically CGCFA (low to high), so the OP is tuning the B string UP to a C, and everything else UP a minor third, hence the breaking.

    So if that's the case, you're tuning a medium gauge string up a minor third, which is a lot more than they may be able to take. I'd recommend you either get a lighter gauge (as in a 35-120 set if you can find one), or grab a medium gauge 6 string set, and use the C-E strings and tune it DOWN.
  7. Only my d and g becuae I keep tanking g to a
  8. I thought about that range also.
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    Consider gauges close to;

    .130 .086 .065 .047 .033


    .124 .082 .061 .045 .031
  10. Thanks this really helped.
  11. Would .125, .080, .060, .045, .030 work for this?
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