one of those days?

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  1. Do any of you guys go through a day when you can't seem to play the bass to save your life?
    90% of the time I can play fine, but every once in a while I'll of those days. My fingers seem like they are retarded and have never played the bass before. It seems like I play the bass half as good as I usually, and nothing seems to come out right. I think this is caused by stress.
  2. Yeah, I have those days too, but I also have days in wich the opposite happens and I play twice as good !
    My playing actually almost sounds acceptable on those days ... :D
    B.T.W., you're probably right on the money naming stress as the cause.
  3. Jep, know as a bad-bass-day...
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    ...Fecal happens! I just hate it when it gets on my hands and stinks up my playing!"
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    I think it's safe to say we all have "one of those days". I know I have a lot of those days. And it can get frustrating and discouraging sometimes. But I know that a new day comes, and maybe with it a new insight into something and better practice which makes it a great day. I try not to let the bad days override the good days.