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  1. I have been playing for many, many years and have played outdoors in lots of different weather. Yesterday my band, a Who Tribute act played at the University of California, Davis for their Picnic Day celebration. It was the first day of the year over 90 degrees (about 95 to be exact). Just about everything that could go wrong because of the heat did go wrong. The PA amps overheated and fed back, My amp went into a terminal feedback mode and had to be taken out of service while I plugged in to the PA direct. Guitar went way flat after every song, my pedal (bass Pod) decided to wrap it up, losing its marbles... on and on. We played about an hour and 10 minutes and by the last song the heat had gotten to me and I was in heat exhaustion mode about to pass out. The drummer took me over to the shade and dumped bottle after bottle of water over my head. It took me an hour before I could stand up without seeing stars. Fortunately our singer had carpooled and he drove home. I couldn't believe the day... definitely one of "those" gigs...:help:

    Another story for the 'remember when" file :ninja:
  2. Born and raised in Florida, with a two year stint in Columbia, SC.

    I wear pants all the time, and used to wear a jacket in the summer. My practice space for a year inside a garage with no AC during the summer.

    I still wear pants every day.

    The sun has stopped bothering me. My incredibly thin blood makes it easy to do that kind of thing, plus my low body fat.

    Now, on the other hand, when I have to play an outdoor gig in weather below 70 or so.... I moan for hours. haha
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    LMAO... I'm about four hours south of you so I relate to everything you said.

    Yeah. I play in 90 + weather frequently, and our band's equipment never fails. Perhaps your equipments' fans need replacing.

    As far as keeping cool... I use a contractor's fan I bought at Home Depot, and ice water is my best friend. Shirts made from the same material that runners wear is important too. It wics away the perspiration and it evaporates quickly, thus lowering your body temperature.

    Our keyboard player is notorious for never drinking (alcohol or water) at gigs. One afternoon, we had a lengthy set up with a blinding sun. After our second song, he almost passed out. He said that he couldn't stop sweating and he felt flushed. He was in heat exhaustion, on his way to heat stroke. We stopped playing, hydrated him and put an icy cold wet towel around his neck. Within a few minutes he was OK.
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    A warning to you though. If you do get dehydrated. Don't gulp down water. It can put you into a shock. You should sip it over time.
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    I'm not sure that gulping down water when in heat exhaustion can cause shock, but I do know that not effectively rehydrating and cooling can cause heat stroke and put the body into shock. On the other hand, I have read that gulping down water when in heat exhaustion can cause vomiting.

    So yeah. Drink cool/cold noncaffeinated water and/or sports drinks, cool compresses, get the body out of the heat and keep monitoring the person. Of course, if symptoms persist, call 911; heat stroke is a medical emergency.
  6. Not that this should have to be said, but I will, being we live in the world we do... Monster and Red Bull are not sports drinks! They do not hydrate, do not refresh, and do not revitalize you. The most you can expect them to do is wake you up if you've had shaky sleep and give you the jitters if you drink too much.

    In reference to Bassmanbob's post. haha.
  7. The summer weather in W.V. is horrendous. Temperatures are constantly in the upper 90's during the day. And,it's no better at night,hovering around 90,or so. But,that's not the bad part. The bad part is that friggin' humidity hovering just shy of 100%. What's wind? We don't get no wind here either,due to the mountainous terrain. Now THAT will sap you really quick. Big + to keeping fans on you AND your gear. We ALWAYS keep a fan running in front of our amp rack.

  8. We live in 100+ every day with the same humidity.

    I've actually grown to love it, especially at night!

    I went to Kansas for two weeks... a little hotter and much drier. People may say dry heats aren't bad, but forget that noise... give me warm and humid. Especially with the nice sea breeze coming off the intercoastal.
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    Another thing. Don't wait till you feel thirsty to drink. It's almost too late then. Drink even if you don't feel thirsty.
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    Make sure you and your gear can handle the heat. If either give out during a gig, it tends to suck.

    1 thing that is very important and not that difficult is to improvise shade, things out of direct sunlight are a lot cooler.
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    I hate doing outdoor gigs for the opposite reason - I'm usually freezing cold, even on warm (British warm = high sixties) days. On the other hand, heat doesn't bother me too much (yeah, we have the occasional warmer spell over here, high eighties or low nineties). I worked in a copper foundry for a couple of years when I left school. That is one sure way to used to high temperatures and how to handle them (lots of water), but it also means that even nowadays, I feel cold when other people are pretty comfortable.

    The other reason for me hating outdoor gigs is if you're outside on a reading gig and there's some wind. I really get ****** off trying to clip charts to the stand so they don't end up blowing all over the stage.
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    I would be cold on high 60's days too, I'm from Arizona, it's already in the 100s here. and yes, wind is much more bothersome than temperature if you have sheet music.
  13. We have 2 outdoor gigs on Saturday... :eek:
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    I would love to be there, 2 months ago it was 90 hear, now it is in the 30's and 40's...thats michigan weather and it sucks!
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    No! I agree. It should have been said.

    Drinks like Monster and Red Bull have caffeine and will further dehydrate you. Other than water, drinks like Gatorade and Powerade are appropriate sports drinks that will rehydrate and replenish electrolytes too.
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    Beer. Drink plenty of beer.
  17. Fixed. :D
  18. +1 Beer solves all problems
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    Does anyone know the AA website?