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One Pickup to Rule them all!?

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by BernardBass, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Ok so I've been trawling through some of the forums here in search for recommendations on pickups...and I believe what I want isnt possible...but need people who know what they are talking about to help me make an informed decision.

    so..here comes the crap talk (sorry in advance) :)

    1. My current rig:
    AMP: Hartke 5210C HyDrive 350watt (with Hartke 210XL)

    BASS: Geddy Lee Fender Jazz Bass
    Stock Pickups
    Infeld IN346 34" Round Wound Strings

    BASS: Ibanez GSR200 soundgear (Custom)
    Frets taken out and replaced with wood putty inlays
    Neck treated with same stuff used on fiddles
    rotosound swing bass 66 Strings
    EMG PJX Pickups (I think- bought over 9 years ago)
    2. Influences/Styles I play or *try emulate
    Cliff Burton
    Early ACDC
    Bernard Edwards/Chic <--what a man...
    Funkadelic, billy bass, bootsy, Junie Morrison
    Victor/Marcus/Stanley C
    Jaco Pastorius

    3. The Geddy Lee bass is the one I want to upgrade the pickups on. Why?
    Since getting the Hartke amp and given the config on my bass everything is extremely bright and "highs" heavy...

    Add the the single coils to the mix and I get hiss galore from the amp and I dont like it. Plus Im struggling to find a nice low end tone that can cut through some mixes.

    So I'm thinking, to equal my tone out, if I got a more low/mid orientated pickup (split/humbucker) I could have the potential for a much more versatile sound going from metal to rock to funk etc...which is what I want.

    Is that/this even possible or am I living a pipe dream and should I just focus on getting another bass for these sounds?

    Any help with the pickup selection/rig advice would be massively appreciated :D

    Cheers lads!
  2. Ditch the Geddy and pick up a P-Bass. You'll thank me later. ;)
  3. CentralCoastBass

    CentralCoastBass Guest

    Feb 4, 2004
  4. hahaha in a perfect world where I had that kind of cash... but I do love the bass...

    thanks though mate ;)
  5. You need a different amp more than you do pick ups.
  6. Care to explain man?
  7. Well, just seems like that's where you're at.
  8. Ah ok, get you now. So essentially, its not possible to achieve what im looking for?

    I was hoping that if I could go for a pickup with more focus on the lows/mids that with the combination of the amp I could get a versatile sound from lows to highs...??

    Am I going about this arse ways?

    Thanks again!
  9. mrb327


    Mar 6, 2013
    Nobody Knows
    Have you considered using a push/pull switch to go between parallel/series? Might give you the sound you want for the price of the switch.
  10. Webtroll

    Webtroll Rolling for initiative

    Apr 23, 2006
    Austin, TX
    Thinkin an active pre might give you better control over your brightness and overall tone than a different set of pickups.
  11. Mudfuzz


    Apr 3, 2004
    Well for one a bunch of reggae bassists have used J basses with great success for a very long time.. but they useually don't use 2X10 combo... but..

    Have you tried other strings?

    If you roll all the highs off on your and and bass is there still to much high end?

    Have you tried turning the bass and mid all all the way and then brought in some highs?

    Have you ever tried a EQ pedal or preamp pedal?
  12. petrus61

    petrus61 Supporting Member

    Have you tried switching out the caps in your tone circuit? If you're handy with a soldering iron, it's a simple and quick way to cut highs without losing lows and mids by increasing the value of cap you use. Will cost you $20 from radio shack and an hour or two to learn MAX. If that doesn't work, try the next most obvious thing...
  13. Hi MRB327,

    Can you explain what that is or a link? I've no idea what any of that is :(

    Thanks a million!
  14. Hi WebTroll,

    I have considered that because of the fact my fretless with the EMG's (active) actually sounds amazing through the amp... I might look into that a bit more.
  15. Hi SnakeMan,

    Thats again something I was looking into... I was considering the markbass compressore as a nice compromise.

    I currently have a behringer v amp2... bought it years ago... and to be honest its not great.

    Thanks for the suggestion, think I'll probably get a preamp.
  16. Hi Mudfuzz,

    Yes haha I have gone through about 50 different types of strings over the years for 2 reasons, 1. sound and 2. tension

    My bass is setup with super low tension and super low action... its taken me a long time to get that setup... (would have helped if I had bought a good bass to begin with :p)

    If you roll all the highs off on your and and bass is there still to much high end?
    Have you tried turning the bass and mid all all the way and then brought in some highs?

    Yeah its weird... no matter what I did on the bass or the amp I still got some highs but I lost so much clarity and tone in the process I hated it. At one point I even took the highs completely off the amp, turned off the tweeter (always is though), but again lost a lot of tone definition and power from the amp I couldnt gig like that.

    I have been looking at EQ and preamps (getting a preamp for Christmas now deffintiely! considering the recommendations )

    Thanks for the help :)
  17. Hi Petrus,

    No idea about electronics in that sense. I installed my EMGs and found the process easy but I was following the manual and never looked into it.

    Any recommended sites or reading on those types of configs??

    Sound as a pound!
  18. midichlorine

    midichlorine Supporting Member

    Jun 15, 2005
    try a series switch in that jazz, it'll run hotter and increase your low to low mids.

    actually you can do it with a push/pull pot on one of the volumes :bassist:
  19. obimark


    Sep 1, 2011
    MIM or MIA P-Bass- put in Quarter Pound pickups- it doesn't get any better. I have 2 P-Basses with the quarter pounders- a MIM and A MIA- both kick-A!

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