onkyo iron maiden rock and metal headphones

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  1. i don't really care for the art work but if they're actually made for rock and metal music, especially iron maiden, then i'm interested. i think this a new product. are you guy interested, or sceptical? is it just marketing?

    how good do your headphone really need to be for mp3 files anyway? for portableness, earbuds are the way to go. i have yurbuds, which i bought for $20.

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    So instead of buying mediocre overpriced headphones with a rapper's name attached I can buy mediocre overpriced headphones with a NWOBHM band attached to them?

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  3. i don't know the price of these yet, at least what they would cost in america. if i saw this in the store, then i would be in the same boat as just another headphone looking to profit on the name recognition. if they're actual ment for rock/metal, then it's kinda a ifferent story. they're probably not as good as studio headphones.
  4. can't see the vid posted, but I can see this link here: ED-PH0N3S by Iron Maiden - Maiden Audio

    Chances are, they're going to be a relatively coloured headphone a la beats, but perhaps more suited to rock and metal, as advertised. Maybe it emphasizes the upper midrange that guitars peak at, as well as vocals, and around the 80-160 hz area where 2nd harmonic bass and bass drums tend to dominate, just a guess.

    This isn't to knock Maiden - this is coming from a guy who learned to play every track on the number of the beast save for guitar solos and drum fills by ear - but I can't say I buy into this marketing very much, the appeals to the "intricacies of rock and metal" and all the jazz about titanium drivers and all that. I dunno, it just kinda strokes the ego a lot - "you're into metal, so you'll absolutely appreciate these headphones, they're specifically made for it!"

    They could be great, they could be crap, I just don't like the marketing.
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    Feb 16, 2011
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    Whenever someone claims that their headphones are designed to suit a certain type of music (or that they have loud bass etc.), you instantly know their product is absolute garbage. You're essentially paying extra for bad frequency response.
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