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  1. Vinci Bass. I'm pretty sure I'm the only one here to own one of these underrated axes.

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    Well...hmmmm. No name or pic...
  3. First word, "Vinci". Last sentence said photo coming. Good morning, drink your coffee!
  4. ..hmm..yep. you can keep it.
  5. That hurts:crying:
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    Looks really standard.


    sure I've seen stuff like that for 100 bucks at a pawn shop before.
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    uh... he did not say "hey look at my Vinci bass that will KILL any Fender P bass out here" you like it? ... does it stay in tune?, is the intonation right on? you play it?

    people who generally say throw it in the dumpster, are playing something worse, and they are jealous you found a cheap bass that works for you:rollno:

    bass bashing is not allowed here unless you own the same thing.

    is it a one of a kind?...nope...does anyone else have one? probably not, and I think that was your point of starting the thread.

    go post it in the "who on TB has a bass noone else does", and see ...perhaps you ARE the only one :bassist:
  8. Isn't that the bass Sears was selling for fifty bucks a year or so ago?
  9. C'mon, guys- it is a bass. It's not like he's saying 'Look at my new gitar/drums/kazoo' or something.
    If we must bash, let's bash appropriately- as in, *NOT ANOTHER CLUB, PLEASE*
  10. Personally, I'm not trying to bash him or his instrument, I was just thinking back to a bass I saw at a couple of Sears stores last year and sure enough that one was it! They had the whole kit -- bass, amp, cord, etc -- for fifty bucks ($49.97). Probably a promotion of some sort but I do remember seeing it.

    Here's a link.

    Edit: And if the OP snagged it for fifty bucks and it's worth playing, I say MORE POWER TO HIM and congratulations on the find!
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    Feb 16, 2005
    Looks like a Yamaha RBX
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    It's a Tobias . . .
  14. Oh no....Not again.
  15. I'm looking to upgrade. Tried Squire, SX and a few others but they didn't seem any better. I think I need to go to the $500+ to find something that I'll like. And for the negative folks out there, I play it all the time and enjoy it! Has great tone, balance and feel. Just because it's a budget bass, that doesn't make it a piece of &^%. But the amp that came with it only lasted a week.
  16. There are some really functional budget(sub-$200)these days. Uber-cheap amps, however leave a lot to be desired.
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    Looks a lot like my Yamaha RBX 250, its a cheapie and I still play it a lot. Valenci is one of the better names I've heard from an inexpensive bass. If it's got great tone, balance and feel I'd say you've got a great bass. Enjoy it!