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Ooooo...I like this!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by 74rickbass, Oct 18, 2003.

  1. I'm lovin this EB-3!
    It's a early 70's one, cause of the pickup surround and slot headstock and binding, these are cheaper and not as collectable as earlier ones, but I like the look better on the later ones. This one is in pretty good condition, except for a headstock repair.

    I really wish I could buy this...

    I SO need a job!

  2. Hey, that's a cool bass but I wouldn't pay that much with the break in the head stoock.

    I know it can be fixed but thats a bad place for a break to happen!

  3. Well, actully, it's not broke anymore, it has been fixed, as seen in the pics.

    I for some reason always loved the look of these basses, Although I've never played one, I know I will love the sound, I love mud!
  4. Good luck with the auction! Hope it goes your way!

  5. LOL!...I wish I could bid on it but, there is a little problem...:D ... *opens up wallet and moth flies out*
  6. DW


    Jun 22, 2000
    That's very close in serial number to my slothead EB-0L. These were only made from late 1969 through 1971.

    Problem is, that's not a professionally-done headstock repair. If it were, the current bid would be a good deal.
  7. Ebay is like the Sears Christmas wishbook, isn't it?:D

    I saw that Gibson and thought, man... if only i could convince my dad to by his favorite (40 year old) son what he really wants for Christmas!

    The more I see those EBO's and their clones the more I like 'em, too.

    As for muddy tone, well my first bass has a Mighty Mite humbucker in it, so you could say I've got a soft spot for muddiness!

  8. So true!
    I just go on there to look at all the vintage Ricks, fenders, gibsons and hofners! and I know there is no hope in hell I can actully buy one. but I do it anyway...Why do I torcher myself like this?? :D

    As for muddiness?... I love it but also hate it, it's wierd, when I play my P-bass and get a clear tone, I start wishin I had it muddier, then when it's muddy, I think, "I want a clear tone!"...man, I'm starting to think I'll never be happy!
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