Oops. My mistake. Public apology.

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    Jan 28, 2000
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    About the political thread that I posted recently.

    After exchanging a couple of PMs with Odie and Jared, I did notice that I had misunderstood the forum rules and had posted a thread that looks like I was breaking the rules on purpouse. This, however, was not my intention.

    I do know the forum rules forbid any threads or replies composed in intention to troll people, but I thought it would be ok if I post a political thread that encourages people to reply and mention that I want the replies strictly by PM only. This was because I didn't catch the exact meaning of JT's rules for political threads - which are shortly that any such threads are not currently allowed.

    This is also why I thought other posters were over-reacting to my message and hence was eagerly debating that matter in my other replies to the thread.

    So this is an public apology, although there is a little hellraiser in me, I didn't mean to raise hell in such a rude fashion. Sorry to Odie, Pacman and all the fine members of the board who were disturbed by the contents, and I hope we can all be friends now.

    Also thanks for Odie for deleting the thread, it was my will also.

    By the way, I would still like to discuss the Iraq matter in private, if someone still is willing to play with me after this :)

    Thanks for listening, everyone. Cheers.
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    We all know your opinion, and don't want to hear it Josh. ;) :D