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  1. TehRoester


    Aug 31, 2020
    Hey Guys!

    I just bought a new 2019 Fender Player Jazz Bass a couple of days ago.
    I set it up as well as I could (used the official fender measurements for truss rod and action asjustments) but I'm still getting an annoying buzz when playing the open e string. Now the wierd thing is the buzzing only starts after 1-2 seconds of sustaining the note. I've tried rising the action beyond what seems reasonable to me but it doesn't really get rid of the buzz... might this be a nut issue?

  2. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    What happens if you press down on the string on the tuner side of the nut and play the open E?
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  3. dwizum


    Dec 21, 2018
    Did you set witness points? Check nut height? Inspect the nut for defects, poor slot shape/size, blobs of glue causing a bad fit, nut is cracked under the E string, etc.?

    That said, I think @Gorn is on to the most likely culprit. If the buzz goes away when you press down on the tuner side of the string, it's likely that you don't have enough break angle over the nut. On a flat (Fender style) headstock this is somewhat common and is usually easily fixed by making sure the string is wound around the tuner post correctly. You need to make sure it's wrapped downwards (towards the headstock) and that there are enough wraps that the string leaves the tuner post close to the headstock, which will help get a bigger break angle and more downforce on the nut.
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  4. Reedt2000

    Reedt2000 Supporting Member

    Apr 26, 2017
    Central New Jersey
    Open string buzz won't be affected by adjusting action at the bridge. It MIGHT be fixed by loosening the truss rod slightly and allowing a touch more relief. It could also be that the nut slot is cut a little too deep, or it could be a defective string or bad witness point. Did you put new strings on it? I might suspect the string because of the delay you described. It is brand new right? Does the place you got it from have a good tech who can look at it?
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  5. JeezyMcNuggles

    JeezyMcNuggles Suspended Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2018
    Santa Maria, CA
    I suck, but nobody really notices
    Loosen your truss rod a little, and re set your string height.
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  6. TehRoester


    Aug 31, 2020
    Thanks guys, loosening the truss rod a little made a huge improvement, now it only buzzes if I pluck really hard.
    I might take it back to have someone look at it but it's a pretty long drive and it seems fine now!

    Thanks again!
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  7. dwizum


    Dec 21, 2018
    Personally, I don't think an open string buzz should be addressed by experimenting with truss rod adjustments or bridge adjustments - especially if action and relief have already been set "to spec" for Fender's official recommendations. Once action and relief are set, you should pretty much ignore the bridge and the truss rod.

    When there's a buzz on an open string, either the nut height is wrong (or there's another nut issue i.e. poorly shaped slots or uneven fit to the neck), the string doesn't have enough break angle over the nut (very common on Fenders), or there's a significant fret issue in the first few frets. If by chance changing the truss rod setting "fixes" it, you're not really fixing it, you're just masking whatever the problem is. If the problem is break angle or nut-related, no amount of truss rod adjustment will fix it and adjusting action or the truss rod will not help you diagnose the problem. If the problem is fret related, you may be able to hide it with action and truss rod adjustments, but you'd be much better off finding and fixing the bad fret(s). All that said I'd place good money on this being nut related or break angle related.
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  8. TehRoester


    Aug 31, 2020
    Ok, thanks for the honesty! I think I'll just take it back to the shop and have them look at it!

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