Open letter: Charles Mingus Documentary "Mingus on Mingus" FKA - a true jazz legend

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    May 25, 2011
    My fellow bassist,

    I am writing to you as someone with an immense love for the instrument and deep respect for all those that continue to contribute to its sound history.
    My name is Kevin Ellington Mingus and I am the grandson of Charles Mingus. Although I have been playing the bass for over 20 years now, I never knew much about Charles until I had been playing for awhile. In an effort to resolve an absence and find the humanity in a person that is known now as a legend, I started to film a documentary Mingus on Mingus. While searching for and speaking with people that knew him beyond the myths of jazz history, I was struck by the contrast in the dissonant tales of a wild artist I read in books and the congruous stories of a man I was hearing. I have since been on a quest to continue discovering more about him- the father, the friend and the man. I know that if we can understand him as a man we will be closer to him as an artist.

    The journey has just begun and while I wish I had the resources to complete it I have hit the hard reality of producing a project of this scale independently. We know the challenge to thrive as artist can come in many forms and right now mine is financial. What I have of my grandfather is this wonderful legacy I am discovering. What I would like to give is a perspective on his legacy that has not had a voice in shaping it. Rather than accepting an image that has turned him into a product I am trying to understand my past in terms I can clearly define.

    Since starting the project many people have lent their support in anyway they could. Shooting with me, opening their homes and hearts believing that a film like this needs to be made. Now there is another way for everyone to get involved with the project and its through the platform They hosts thousands of projects and have even taken notice of Mingus on Mingus featuring us on the under "New and Noteworthy" and "Recommended." Sites like this give independent projects that would otherwise fall through the cracks a chance, and that is exactly what I am asking of you. Together we can give this project a moment to shine.

    There is a strong community out there and we are all part of it. I am asking you to come together and help make this project with me. We know all too well as bassist how to give support, just as we know that nothing can exist without it.

    Basically there are two ways to help me:
    1- Spread the word to everyone: friends, neighbors, facebook, twitter.
    2- Contribute to the project, NO amount is too small, all and any support is a step forward.

    This is collectively supported project -jazz is a collective music


    Here is the Kickstarter page; you will see a video that I put together for the campaign.

    Our goal is to raise $45000 in 35 days.

    Charles Mingus documentary: "Mingus On Mingus" by Orangethenblue — Kickstarter

    For more details and background on the project itself visit our website:

    Mingus on Mingus | © 2011

    Thank you kindly

    Kevin Ellington Mingus
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