Open to Suggestions : Fretless Jazz Build

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  1. Greetings Ladels and Jellyspoons,

    I have been banned from buying any new basses but have been approved to build one.

    I am not a craftsmen of any kind so by build I mean a parts build.

    I have a gap for a Fretless Jazz that I have been craving for lately.

    I will likely get the body and possibly the neck from Warmoth and source everything else from wherever gets the best deal.

    I am open to any ideas from wood, to tops to necks, colours, preamps, colours, anything!

    Without any research, I have pondered the following:

    Figured Walnut Top
    Walnut Neck and Body
    Ebony Unlined Fingerboard
    Mike Pope Preamp configured like an Xotic J
    Delano Alnico Jazz Pickups
    Schaller Tuners and Bridge and Straplocks
    Graphtech TUSQ Black Nut
    Flats..of course

    No expert on woods but happy to take any advice.
  2. I would be careful with a solid walnut neck and body. The bass could easily end up as heavy as a boat anchor. If you do decide on a walnut body from Warmoth, look into having it chambered to shave some weight off.

    Otherwise, sounds like a good project.
  3. HaMMerHeD


    May 20, 2005
    It's not that heavy. It's lighter than Northern white ash, and a little heavier than swamp ash. But if you are used to alder or basswood basses, it could feel pretty heavy. Chambering isn't a bad idea, though. You could save some weight by using Hipshot ultralight clover tuners. They look basically the same from the front, but are a good deal lighter than the Schaller BMLs.
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    Your choices sound VERY nice! Are you planning on finishing it yourself, or having them come pre-finished?
  5. I didn't really give much thought to weight. I'll look into it.

    In regards to finish, my father in law is a Fibreglass Glider maker and does all my refins so is doing the finishing for me.

    He does amazing work.