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Opinion on a aguilar preamp..

Discussion in 'Pickups & Electronics [BG]' started by zink182, May 10, 2006.

  1. ok I have a reggie hamilton jazz bass.. I like it very much, it's got a bone nut and badassII and I like everything except.. for the preamp..

    the freqs on the standard preamp are made for a 5 string not a 4 string so the bass is useless.. when I drop tune to B.. it's awesome but in standard tuning it sucks.. so I'm thinking of getting an aguilar OBP-3..

    Bass control: plus/minus 18 dB @ 40 Hz.

    Mid control: plus/minus 16 dB @ 400Hz or 800 Hz. User selectable frequency center.

    Treble control: plus/minus 16 dB @ 6.5 KHz.

    Input impedance: 1 meg ohm

    Output impedance: 100 ohm 9 or 18 volts operation. Additional 6dB with 18 volts.

    Distortion: .019 into 10k ohm load

    Noise: -95 dBm unweighted.

    Battery life: 324 hours

    then I'm thinking of getting the mid selector switch replaced by a push/pull pot in the mid control and getting an active/passive swtich.. and I'm getting an 18 volt for 6 more db of headroom..

    so what do you guys think ?
  2. David Wilson

    David Wilson Administrator Administrator Supporting Member

    Oct 14, 2002
    Lower Westchester, NY
    it's a good idea, the hamilton jazz bass is great but as you say the preamp is the weak link.

    only problem is that you might need to route some extra space to make room for the preamp. Haven't looked under the covers of a reggie in a while, but iirc the space was pretty tight under the control plate.
  3. it'll probably fit.. the aguilar is so damn small :O
  4. KJung

    KJung Supporting Member

    If you have 'space problems' in the control cavity, just run it 9 volt with a single battery. I don't think you will notice a difference between the 18 and 9 volt systems.

    One thing on the OB-3... that treble control is voiced WAY up there.... more helpful in cutting the high treble from your sound versus adding high end. It almost acts like a 'tweeter attenuator', since it's centered so high, versus the way a more traditional (i.e., 4K centered) treble control works on most preamps. The nice thing about it, is you can cut 'click' out of your sound without impacting the important upper mids. The bad thing is IMO, if you slap at all, the treble control is in that area that quickly disappears into the mix the first time the drummer hits the ride cymbal.

    It's a nice pre... quiet, very 'hi fi' sounding to my ear.... great mid control, and big bottom. The output is rather low, with no output adjustment capability... but better low (almost at 'passive' level) than too high.
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  5. my treble is at 18kHz now :O

    I don't have any problem with space.. my bass has a side jack and I already have an 18 volt preamp.. I just want another freqs..
  6. I just wanna be sure.. do you guys think it'll fit ?
  7. I LOVE my OB-3. This is my first one. Put it into a Fender jazz bass with a maple board & DiMarzio Ultra-jazz pickups. Sounds great!

    It's functionality is different then the Seymour Duncan STC-3, which I have in my other Jazz bass.
  8. Rano Bass

    Rano Bass

    Sep 9, 2006
    Tijuana Mex.
    I'm shure it fits into the cavity of the Fender bass, it's smaller than the stock pre and i also recommend that you go with the 9 volt option.

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