Opinion on the Fender Ultra Noiseless Gen 4 Jazz Bass V pickups?

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    Jun 4, 2016

    I've just ordered a set of Fender Ultra Noiseless Gen 4 Jazz Bass V pickups to replace the SCN pickups on my 2006 Fender Victor Bailey Jazz Bass V signature and I was curious to know what you guys think of those newest Fender jazz bass pickups.

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    Sep 6, 2013
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    As with all things objectively, opinions are many and widely varied.

    I believe N4s are (or were) stock pickups in the American Elite Jazz basses. I liked them just fine for humbucking style Jazz pickups. They’ve been said to be noisy, but as that comment comes from some Elite owners, I found that in my experience, it was the poorly-shielded control compartments of the Elite bass that was the source of the noise, not necessarily from the N4 pups. Once I properly shielded the bass, they were very quiet.
    I liked the N4s well enough, but as I was looking for a more scooped, slightly brighter-sounding Jazz pickup, I swapped my N4s for Nordstrand NJ5s Vintage 70s wind which was just what I was looking for. Not at all because the N4s sounded bad.
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