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    Nov 5, 2010
    central N.Y.
    I play 5 string in a moderate volume pop/modern rock band,other styles I play are blues or classic rock...no math/heavy/grind etc..bars are around 100 to 300 people.Front end is just vocals and kick drum.Currently I'm using a ashdown 600 evoll magnifier through 2 TL606's(built off interweb plans) loaded with kappa pro 15a's.With the preamp bumping the red I usually run at half or a hair past on the master.But I've got tube fever...and I've got a line on a Ampeg V4bh late 90's head...with my AM standard P bass V and TL606's will this hundred watts be enough? Will it push the B string? I do want some break up,I run a Lomenzo hyper drive or a Seymour Duncan twin tube now to give me some grit.I'd like to buy a V4B reissue but 1200$ is out of my price range and I'd hate to spend that and find out it's not enough.Plus the V4bH is made in USA.I think I can get it for around 500$ but its not possible to try it (not local)What's the verdict?
  2. Possibly. 😎 imo. Probably not. Wasn't loud enough for my needs. I got a Fender Super Bassman. It MAY be if you always want a goodly not of distortion in your tone. I wanted clean for a Lotta mine so I had to upgrade. Ain't sorry at all. Tho I'd love a V4B RI for small gigs.