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Opinion Original Flat-Chrome Solo/Permanent Solo...

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by TMSP, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. TMSP


    Feb 6, 2010
    Aveiro, Portugal
    Hello everyone,
    I know I've repeated myself, but I'm wondering about the solo string tuning.
    I'm the only classical player and I used Spirocore Solo for a few years, because I only have one instrument and have to play the two tunings. I like the volume of them, but the sound with the bow I don't like .

    I used Evah Pirazzi Solo for 5 months and I really liked the sound warm and full, rich, but lately seem to be uncertain ... muddy, sometimes not. Sometimes I miss more brightness on the string A1...sometimes good.

    However, I switched to Belcanto Solo; think they sound warm and sweet, but the strings F and B (especially F), have little sound. They are also thinner than the Evah, which becomes less tiring.

    Now, I thought of putting a different string A1 (Belcanto ex.), with the Evah Pirazzi. I never tried Original Flat-Chrome Solo or Permanent Solo, but I liked to give me an opinion (I know it is different for each instrument) on these two sets of strings or compare Evah Pirazzi.

    Thank's a lot.
  2. andres


    Dec 14, 2008
    Hi, I must tell you that you are not the only one using spirocore solo... Ive been using spirocore solo since 2004 until last year in my solo bass. I play mostly solo repertoire and I like the spiros because they give me many overtones in every note and many volume. Ive always fighting against the akward bow sensation (those strings are really hard to bow!!) but with much work and patience I became used to play them ok. I was using orig. flatchrom and they are very good strings but they are a little bit darker and thiker.
    Last year Ive decided to try something new, so I ordered a Velvet compas solo set. This strings are very good and they sound very close to spiros but there are some differences:

    They are a little bit more flexible, they have the same amount of overtones, and harmonics but they are much more easy to bow. The sound is a little bit soft and warm but they have almost the same volume that spiros.

    ive been playing with first and second Velvet and 3rd 4th spiros (because they have more overtones and I play many bottesini stuff). You can watch some of my videos on youtube (www.youtube.com/mgandres). there are some tango videos too but there I played with another instrument. Totally different stuff...

    I didn`t tryed the evahs or belcanto in solo tunning... I have a set of belcantos in my orch bass and I don`t like those at all!!!!
    At least they are not working with that instrument...
  3. TMSP


    Feb 6, 2010
    Aveiro, Portugal
    Thanks Andres. I know that many people play with Spirocore Solo, but do not want to go back to them, like the volume that they give, but not the sound that I want, does not favor my instrument in timbre. By this, I thought in Original Flat-Chrome Solo or Permanent ... I liked the sound of Velvet, but for now I want to stay by Pirastro.


    If anyone has experience with OFC or Permanent, let your opinion please.


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