Opinions of the MEC MM pickups

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  1. After owning my Streamer Jazzman a while, I'm wondering whether there's any mileage in changing the stock MEC MM pickup with a SD Basslines SSMB-5A. I'd probably leave the MEC J pickup in there, along with the pre-amp (would this work?).

    I'm looking to get closer to the Stingray sound, since I love the tone Flea and Louis Johnson get, but prefer the look and feel of my Streamer much more than the 'Ray.

    I know the general consensus is that stock MECs suck, but I was wondering whether those opinions were based on the active P and J pickups MEC made, rather than the open-pole pickups they make.

    I've done a search, and there is a lot on the topic, but nothing specifically about getting a Jazzman to mimic the SR tone well.
  2. Bump - anyone?
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    Feb 26, 2006
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    I have the Warwick Corvette $$ with 2 of the MM pups in it.

    All I can say is that I am very happy with the tone thus far. If however you feel that it is not providing you with the sound you want you should seriously consider changing it.

    After all, the tone you want is a matter of preference.

    The basslines would be a good bet, but also maybe consider Nordstrands offering in the MM style pups too.

    If you do change out the MM pup, I would suggest also doing the same with the Jazz pup
  4. Bump - part 2. Thanks for your reply ebe9.

    I'm still having doubts about mine. Would it really make that much difference if I were to replace mine with a Basslines MM?

    What do other people with the stock MEC MMs think about theirs?
  5. Bump - it's 2 months on and I'm a lot nearer* to the tone I want, but I'm bringing this thread back from the dead since I'd still like some opinions on it.

    C'mon guys - I know there's loads of you with FNA Jazzman / Streamer Jazzman models, and and lot of you also own other Warwicks, so how do they compare? People often moan about the MEC actives, but no-one really mentions the passive open-poled pickups.

    * I lowered by pickups so that they weren't so brash, and now they sound great!
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    On both of the Warwick's I've played with the MM style humbucker I felt very let down. Swapping it out would be a good plan, imo.
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    Jul 21, 2006
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    +1, I had a Streamer STD and hated the pups. I added a bart pre and that helped a lot but it atill wasn't what I was looking for.
  8. A streamer STD is a long way off to what the Jazzman sounds like...