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  1. I'm having serious urges for new basses and I'm concidering selling my MIM pbass ive had for 20 years (it was my first) and has lots of mods but doesnt get played anymore. I have a p-bass lyte deluxe that is getting a Audere treatment and a new finish applied, this is my got-to do-anything bass. I'm planning on a five or six-string modern/boutique bass, possibly a Ibanez BTB prestige.

    But I have always wanted a gritty, nasty custom jazz bass. Lakland offers a skyline DJ but I think when I eventually get the lakland of my dreams it should be the USA model that was in my dream, I feel the same way about PRS SE models.

    I want to have a warmoth jazz body and neck made for me. They would be unfinished since I have finished basses before and rather enjoy the process. The body would be solid swamp ash possibly with a flamed maple top but that would double the price.

    Heres where things get fun. I would have the body routed for the bart bc sized pups, this way I can use nordstrand big singles. I would also have it top routed for the new Audere jazz pre-amp. The warmoth website will not do a top control cavity with this pickup route but I think if I call them they could make it happen.

    I would also need a custom pickguard made for the big single. I could do it myself but I'm not sure if the soapbar size will fit inside the standard Jazz pickguard without overlaping. any thoughts?

    I really want to build this bass, I plan on just buying the best neck they have in stock when i order the body. undecided on maple or rosewood boards, all i know is I dont want inlays.

    I'm more concerned with the build of the body and the pickups working out. If anyone has seen this layout could you give me some insight to how it sounded.
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