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Opinions on adding a 2x10 to a 1x15 combo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Mr Bassman, Apr 6, 2001.

  1. Mr Bassman

    Mr Bassman

    Aug 28, 2000
    Bit of a follow on thread really but I just wanted some opinions on adding a 2x10 to my 1x15. I'd like to keep the cost down (about £350 ($450)) ideally and and it can't be too heavy or bulky. Oh yeah, and it needs to be available in the UK (tall order huh!).

    Any views welcome...
    Cheers - Niggy

    www.thehaze.co.uk - retro-funk, check it
  2. i'm in the same situation, and my plan is to get a carvin 2x10, then later on trade the combo in towards a bag end 15 and a head, probably GK or SWR. the say the carvin cabs are incredible value.
  3. i've already got the 2x10 and I'm searching for a 1x15. it's a great combination. there's a couple factors involved.
    A. What's your rig?
    B. What kind of tone do you want?
    C. Are you going to Bi-amp the rig?(is it possible?)
  4. virtual.ray


    Oct 25, 2000
    Isn't Warwick gear cheaper in Europe than in the US? I'd think they would have a 2x10 in their line,or else Trace Elliot.
  5. Mr Bassman

    Mr Bassman

    Aug 28, 2000
    My rig's a Trace 7215 SMC 1x15 combo. My band play all kind of styles versatility is important, but a cab which is oriented towards a good fingerstyle, and a good slap sound is important. Lastly, unfirtunately I can't bi-amp the rig cos (basically it aint as swanky as that!).

    I was looking at Ashdown's MAG 2x10, v. light, not sure about the price though?

  6. jcadmus


    Apr 2, 2000
    My advice -- based on my experience -- is to do it. One-speaker combos can be somewhat boxy and one-dimensional in sound.

    I had a Peavey Combo 115 a couple years ago that I liked, but I was looking to fill out the sound. I added a Peavey 210 TXF cab and was amazed at how much color and dimension the second cab added.

    Plus, you'll lower the impedence load the amp sees and boost overall output.

    I really like the 1X15/2x10 combination -- that's my current set-up. The 15 gives you those deep fundamentals, and the 10s add the punchy mids and some highs.
  7. hmm...you might want to go for something a bit more modern. Trace Elliot or SWR, that's what i would go for.

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