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Opinions on EBS 311

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by adrian garcia, Jul 21, 2002.

  1. adrian garcia

    adrian garcia In Memoriam

    Apr 9, 2001
    las vegas. nevada
    Endorsing Artist: Nordy Basses, Schroeder Cabs, Gallien Krueger Amps
    Has anyone tried these? What are your opinions on this configuration ( 1 x 15, 1 x 10 + tweeter)
    I am an EBS dealer, so it may seem weird that im asking about this cab, but i havent heard this particular model yet..
    there are so many choices.. Epifani, Bergantino, GK, etc.. im wondering if i would lose punch with the 15 and ONE ten..
  2. wyrtti


    Oct 24, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    I just tried out the EBS 311, 410 (4x10" + tweeter) and 300 (15" + tweeter)with a Fafner head. I had been wanting to hear the 311 for a few years, but now was the first time I actually ran into one.

    I REALLY liked the 311. It was warmer than the 410, but had more "attack" and mids than the 300. It was really interesting to try them one after the other, back and forth.

    I didn't dare try what the 300 + 410 combination might have sounded like, or the 15H and 410.

    All in all, I liked the tone of the 311, because with a nudge of the Fafner's controls or my bass's EQ, I could get many different sounds and they all sounded good.

    My bass actually lacks definition in the low-mids (Tune 5-string from the late 80's) and the Fafner + 311 gave the warmth I am used to plus some more definition. Very nice combination.

    I did not get to turn up the volume very much because the space I tried it out in was not soundproofed yet.

    I am now suffering from a bad case of G.A.S...
  3. wyrtti


    Oct 24, 2000
    Helsinki, Finland
    I had to go back and check.

    I took my SWR Grand Prix preamp with me and tried the 311 through the Fafner and the SWR + Ashdown poweramp.

    The cab itself was perfection for me. And the amps...aaargh.

    The SWR + Ashdown combo was very nice and clean, but I felt I was just noodling, it just didn't have that little something that I was looking (listening) for.

    The Fafner on the other hand gave a feeling of presence and warmth and power. The sound was just there, so "present" that I could almost touch it.

    With the 300 cab (15" + tweeter) The sound was warm, but not as deep and not as defined. I think I'm really in love with the 311.

    The only problem with this picture is that I am also in love with the Fafner. Oh well, I guess my bank manager will love me...

    Maybe I'll try and hope that this will be the end of my quest for tone for a little while...G.A.S. is a pain.

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