Opinions on Mesaboogie Venture 2X10

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  1. hey whats up everyone,,, I need some opinions on the mesaboogie 600watt Venture M-pulse 2X10 combo. I have been playing a GK400RB Ampeg 1x15 & 4X10 classics (only the 4x10 and head for live stuff) and I wanted to get a decent combo amp which basiclly has a better sound. I did buy the venture and I can return it if its not what I want but everyone i know says it has plenty of Bottom and in the store it did sound like a 15" in there..

    I'm playing style street music (faster rock&roll) clashy, rancid, old alarm, punky sounding stuff and using Musicman stingrays pick style.

    do any of you have any experience with Boogie bass stuff?
  2. chaosMK


    May 26, 2005
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    Boogie stuff has a very solid and defined low end. I think their 10's are designed to handle low B/A pretty well. It is sweet equipment. What is it you wanted to know exactly? I dont think the 2x10 will be quite as loud as your old rig :p
  3. Folmeister

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    The Venture is one of the best combos that I know of (IMHO). It has great tone and has plenty of volume. Add a 1X15 powerhouse cab and you are going have a killer rig for all occasions.
  4. thanks for the posts, for the record my stuff now is a 1X15 and 4X10 classic ampeg cabs through a GK400RB but I only use the 4X10 and head for live stuff but the ampeg cabs seem mushy now that I changed my basses to Musicman stingrays?