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opinions on the Dean Razor NT-5 ?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by AllodoX, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. i'm developing serious GAS for a Dean Razor NT-5

    Any of you experienced / own one of these, and care to share some information with me ??

    the specs are sweet.. tiny body.. 35" walnut/maple neck-thru.. brass nut.. and they're only 950 euro :) ( for comparison.. an Ibanez EDC705 costs 760 euro.. )

  2. I haven't played the 5er but the 4 string versions that I've played have been very well constructed and play and sound great. I have very little doubt that the 5 string version would be a fine instrument.
  3. I've played several of the 4's, but I can't really comment on the 5's. The 4's play nicely, I think they needed a bit of attention to the fretwork (some buzzes that will go away with a good fret dress) though. My only major complaint was the pickups were NOISY - they're true single coils. With an electronics transplant, they could be real sleepers.
  4. so.. some barts or basslines in it, and it's a killer ? :)
  5. Yeah, and a good setup & fret dress, I think you gotta winner.
  6. ** ace ventura accent on **


    ** strong russian accent on **

    Ah.. yessss.. very interestink...

    ** ghetto accent on **

    Me will be checkin thiz b*** out then..
  7. Nino Valenti

    Nino Valenti Supporting Member Commercial User

    Feb 2, 2001
    Staten Island NYC
    Builder: Valenti Basses
    I've played a few 4's & 5's & I like them. The p/u's were kinda noisy but I like the sound I was getting from them. My only real complaint about the 5 is the the string spacing is real tight. Kinda like the Czech Spector's if not slightly tighter. Also, I'm kind of a big guy (fatso :)) & the body shape is REALLY small!!!!! :D Looked like I was playing a ukelle. (sp?)
  8. So how do they sound ? to what bass could you compare it soundwise ?
  9. jobu3

    jobu3 Artist formerly known as Big Joe

    Feb 17, 2002
    Mountain Top, PA
    similar to the newer, non-wenge warwicks with slightly less bite to them. i too thought that the string spacing was a little too tight. it also needed good set-up. i'm not sure if you can internally adjust the pre-amp. if you can i think that it would be a great bass because i thought this one was too harsh in the treble...
  10. have not played one, but for the price Dean's quality is REAL hard to beat! I have several Deans and they are all put together real good.
    I do know that Dean uses tight string spacing on the 5's, good or badd depending on what you like.
    I would like to own the 4 string verson myself.
    is the one your lookin at have the gold hardware?
    it baffles me that they can offer top quality woods, neck through construction, killer quality gold hardware, and top it off with a brass nut, for such low prices!
    I say, try a few out and take home the best one:)
  11. Played the 4 version. It's extremely small and light but still feels really solid and looks great, especially in translucent red. I personally like a thicker neck and a larger instrument, but like all the Deans I've tried, it's a fine instrument priced fairly.
  12. i dont find anything special, looks cool its unbelieveable for the price it is sold for
  13. I own a Razor NT4 and love it. A quick adjustment to the setup, and it has beautiful action. I have the Trans-Amberburst.

    If you want a good price, go to the Dean BBS, and look for Jay (known as Jaybathehut). He deals to all the members of the BBS for unbelievable prices. I got mine for $550 with Hard Case. Your biggest obstacle will be the shipping.
  14. i'm not buying basses overseas.. for 2 simple reasons

    1) i don't trust the postal guys
    2) what if it's broken... who's ass must i kick ? it will cost me another $ 100 to send the bass back, and another $ 100 to get a new one..

    so if i were to buy it i'll buy it at either the local store, or in Germany.. within 3 hours drive distance ;)
  15. I see your point, just trying to provide some helpful info.

    Is the price difference oversea still better than USA price plus shipping ?, or at least close ?
  16. 950 to 1000 euro ( about the same in $ ), depending on where you buy it..
  17. i played this thing once...it was too small for me but sounded cool...less bite than needen but good lows/highs
  18. Ok.. so i tried one today...

    the sound is great.. deep lows and crisp highs, but there were some things that dissapointed me..

    - the high-knob doesn't seem to do anything (?)
    - shielding-paint under the bridge (?) was overdone, there was a lot of visible
    - the colour of the photo is different.. the color is not brownish, but bright orange..

    so that's it.. i'm not getting one.. i'm sticking to my original plan : Thumb Bolt-on 5 with chrome hardware :)

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