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  1. I'm usually not one to grab opinions from space, but since I have no real experience with these, you guys can be my judge! :D

    I'm looking to upgrade to something professional and sensible that I won't need to upgrade in a hurry. Price is a definite consideration but i'm open if the sound is there.

    So far, i've been narrowing down the selection to:

    ampeg svt (cl, vintage, anything i can find!)
    eden wt-300
    eden wt-400
    aguilar db359

    I haven't knocked out Glockenlang, EBS, EA or others that I don't know of, so maybe there's an option there.

    Currently i'm running an Ampeg V4, and I want to keep as much of that sound as possible, but I just need more headroom. The Eden's are looking the most tasty to me at the moment, given their size and voltage ability, but don't know really if they'd suffice in a loud environment (like, is the difference between the wt300 and the wt400 that much?).
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    Eden WT-400. I've heard they quit making the WT-300. I've never played an Aguilar, but they get great reviews around here. Also, you'd better try the EBS Fafner. I have played that, and it's the only thing that I've liked as much as my WT-300.
  3. Richard Lindsey

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    Mar 25, 2000
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    SVTs do little for me--big, expensive to maintain, and the tone is not to my taste.

    I have a WT400 and love it.

    Dunno about the Aguilar, but many folks here love them.
  4. Output-wise, does the WT-400 kick the WT-300? I've seen a couple of used WT-300s for sale for around $500US which looks OK, but if the power ain't there...

    Do Walter Woods amps provide enough headroom for electric playing, or are they more suited towards URB?