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    Apr 1, 2000
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    hi everyone, i currently run my bass through an SWR 350(the older model) and an Ampeg BSE-410HLF and was possibly thinking of upgrading to a SWR 750 and an Ampeg 8x10, seeing as the 750 is bassically a 350 with more power. SO, i was curious if by some crazy chance someone has had any expreience with such a combination. OR, instead of an 8x10, an 8ohm 4x10 and an 8ohm 15'' ? idunno, im very confused. if it helps any, im going for vince's (hornsby) sound on HOME(sevendust). thanks a lot for putting up with my dumb questions.

    (ALSO- i like the mid-rangey sound of the 350 but the ampeg cab i have now doesn't do it justice)