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  1. Jake deVilliers

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    May 24, 2006
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    Well, you can tell they are DB experts by the way they mounted the felt washers on the strings... :(
  2. hdiddy

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    Mar 16, 2004
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    heh. But seriously, unless the end pin sits on the stand, I wouldn't bother. Of course there's no photo of how the bass sits on the stand.
  3. Chris Fitzgerald

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    Oct 19, 2000
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    i can't imagine why anyone would want to play a bass without holding it. I also feel like the ad is misleading since all those pictures of the bass without the stand imply something different. But hey, it's ebay.
  4. And the video (really bad piano playing in there) doesn't show the bass stand at all...

    I would at least put some foam on th arms holding the bass from the left and right if I would use this stand.

    For my large bass (and me being rather short) the Hercules stand is it. But not for playing on the stand.

    I understand that some people beyond 70 years old or who cannot hold the bass due to some injuries might want to use a stand for playing, but generally I would try to avoid that. Bass players need to move a bit themselves and the bass when playing.
  5. Andy Mopley

    Andy Mopley

    Sep 24, 2011
    OK, all sounds right ladies & gents, thank you!