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  1. So a few years ago I lived in Hawaii and would play my bass on the street corner down in Waikiki Beach using a Line 6 DL4 for the loop function and a battery powered roland cube for an amp. Ever since then I have always enjoyed the possibilities with live looping. Was curious if anyone had any experience with the new Boss RC50. I play with a drummer and keyboard player and we all normally midi sync together, does anyone have any experience syncing the ROSS RC50. All thoughts and comments are encouraged.

    Chris Rhoads
  2. syncing seems to be its big flaw. it doesnt sync well, time shifting leads to very bad glitches. this could be fixed with a software update but it seems many people are holding out on getting one of these until boss fix it.
  3. Thats a bummer, entire reason I was wanting to buy it was to be able to sync.

    Any other thoughts?
  4. Has anyone else had problems with the RC50? I am trying to decide between the RC50 and the Boomerang. I was going to go with the RC50 until I saw this thread. I just returned a Jamman for loops bleeding through to other saved loops.
  5. sleeptighttiger


    Mar 9, 2006
    The guitarist in my band is a whiz with it. Time synching was a very mysterious cause of thrown off loops, but it really becomes a non issue when, like he did, you get frusterated, play the part 30 times and really get intimate with the click. It seems like you get the hang of it after so much of that, and really its a monsterous prescence in our band based on what it can do when used well. I should also comment on what a nifty (read: invalueable) writing tool this is. When composing songs, you can part it out, add layers, save them, come back, adjust levels on each phrase...its really nuts to have an entire set so accessable...
  6. So i am not clear on your post. Was the unit having problems syncing or was the band just not used to using a click?
  7. sleeptighttiger


    Mar 9, 2006
    We have intricate parts, and if you dont nail the resets, it'll adjust it for you. The unit wasnt having problems, we were just unable to play as perfectly as we needed to. It might seem confusing, but its really not: If you play parts sloppy, it'll screw you up, because you cant rely on sloppy habits to pull off an entire looped song. This is exactly why i like it.

    P.S. There very well could be a widespread rc-50 problem involving time synching, this is just my encounter with it...
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  9. interesting thanks for the info. I am debating on skipping this and getting maybe an echoplex or the looperative
  10. xyllion

    xyllion Commercial User

    Jan 14, 2003
    San Jose, CA, USA
    Owner, Looperlative Audio Products
    Hmmmmm, welllll, I guess I better not voice my opinion on this. ;)
  11. heh only thing holding me back is its quote a price jump. you may be biased but let me hear your thoughts :)
  12. xyllion

    xyllion Commercial User

    Jan 14, 2003
    San Jose, CA, USA
    Owner, Looperlative Audio Products
    The price of a Looperlative LP1 is higher, but you get more for your money. I'd say that the key points are:

    • The LP1 has a feature list that already competes well and is still growing and will continue to grow.
    • Every Looperlative customer that has called for support to date has talked to me personally. Try talking directly to a designer at a big company.
    • Many of the features in the LP1 have been suggested by a customer. Try getting the big companies to implement your ideas in their product.
    • The LP1 really does replace multiple looping boxes. What other hardware looper offers 8 independent stereo tracks? Believe it or not, I hear all the time from people that really are taking advantage of having the 8 tracks.

    I won't speak ill of the competition, but I will say that there are people trading in multiple loopers and replacing them with one LP1. The LP1 is not an entry level device, but if you are serious about looping as part of your perfomance, you may find that you need what the LP1 has to offer.
  13. Cool to see a manufacturer on here. Yours may be out of my price range yet. I assume that you get lots of pro level business, one amateur sale loss won't hurt you. So I ask, have you tried the RC50 for research purposes? Does it have time issues. If you were going to go for a low level looper which would you choose the Boomerang or the RC50? Midi would be nice for future expansion but not necessary at the moment.
  14. xyllion

    xyllion Commercial User

    Jan 14, 2003
    San Jose, CA, USA
    Owner, Looperlative Audio Products
    I haven't tried an RC50. The important thing is to buy for the features that you intend to use. If you are playing in a band, start thinking that MIDI sync might be important. Used Lexicon Jammans are out there for around the same price as an RC50 and the Jamman nails MIDI sync.
  15. Thank you I will check it out. You know if you need a beta tester or something, feel free to send me a Looperlative.:D
  16. didier


    Aug 4, 2005
    I bought an rc50 about a month ago. So far I mostly have used it alone, although the midi was part of the reson I got it (I replaced rc20 and Digitech Jaman). But I have synched it a couple of times to a drum machine, and sequencer. I was synching clock only, for loop/measure times. I had it slaved to the other clock, and I had no trouble with it. No glitches, or hiccups, but you have to let the rc50 quantize the loop to synch it to the clock (unless you have PERFECT timing with the pedals, I guess.)

    If you can get a looperlative you should get it. I have only seen it once in real life, but from what I saw, and what I have heard from various sources, you will never find anything it can't do. Or maybe you will, but odds are it will be upgraded to do it if you ask. It's kind of strange to give a recommendation for something I've never actually used myself, but I still feel like I can do that. It's an amazing machine, I think at least 10 times better than any other hardware I have seen or heard of. It seems to me worth every penny.

    oh, wait... the RC50- it is very good, too, and if it does what you need then I would say go for it. Stereo, sync, 3 tracks that can be linked/synched, or not... I have limited experience with it so far, but no problems. Price per feature I think the looperlative is a much better deal than any hardware out there, but the total $ is not small. I almost wish there were a looperlative jr, that wasn't so packed with features and could sell for less. Maybe that's the Echoplex? :)

    RC-50 is good. The difference up from the DL-4 will keep you happy for a LONG time, and then you can get the looperlative.

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