Opto Stomp changes with different Basses

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  1. When I bought an Opto Stomp last month I was very disappointed because I use compressor not for effect , just for "normalize" the sound. So, it must be transparent. ;) (like my rack)

    with my RBX775 , it sounds a lot "squoshh" in middle settings like 12 o'clock or more... and my Boss LMB3, much more transparent (but noisier).

    but, surprisinly , with my new American Precision Deluxe (18v) it seems to be REALLY transparent compressor!! No "squosshh" effect at all ! :eyebrow:
    Same amp , cables, power, etc. ( I use GeorgeL´s cables and a good power supply).

    any thoughts!?!?!?!?!??!!
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    If your RBX775 has a very hot output (high signal level) that would explain the difference. Note that active/passive or 9v/18v do not necessarily indicate how hot the output will be.

    If the RBX output is in fact lower than the Deluxe P, then it's a mystery!
  3. Well... in fact it is... :meh:
    But, despite signal level... when I made the tests, I put a setting in Opto that force compressor trigger always (strong compressing level). So , even with low output , is really strange this difference.

    What I can say about RBX is that this bass has really much highs than any other bass... I must reduce treble/mid in amp AND in my M80 ...
    but it´s not the case in Precision... ITOH, the active precision/deluxe has more highs than the passive one (and with only P´s) not only because the pre, but the humbucking too, right? (and I made the tests with all knobs 50% - blend pups/bass/treble/mid)

    so... it´s really doesn´t make any sense....