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    May 31, 2019
    View attachment 3437607 Well now that I'm done testing out these orange obc112 bass cabs I figured I'd throw up my review.

    My first impressions were quite positive, the box is incredibly light, SUPER easy to transport. Looks amazing . I love that vintage look .
    This cab checked all the boxes that I had in mind when I was looking for a cab
    I wanted a colorful cab , no tweeter ( To me a tweeter just thins out the sound & adds hiss)
    & around 1K$ was my budget.
    So I got 2 of them to be my mini rig , for when my GK Neo 412 was overkill for the gig.

    Now .... on to to good , the bad , and the ugly....

    The Good:
    It's got a great tone , for a 12 it's actually a little bit closer to a 15 in the sense of the low mids , and thickness . Not as thick or Bass-y as most 15s , but definitely a nice thick sound for a 12.
    The Lavoce 12 is very responsive , quick and tight. It seemed to handle my speed pretty well.
    Even with a pick it's not " clanky " or "clicky. "
    The cab got very loud ( tested with a GK 700RB & Ampeg SVT 2pro) .... and by the time I was able to finally get it to fart out it was definitely probably too loud for most gigs. And I had to use some extreme EQ settings to get a fart out of it.
    Never at any time was it "flubby" or muddy. So I liked that.
    I could get as much treble presence as I wanted out of it, I couldn't see any bass player needing more unless you need that super bright slap sound. .... even then it comes real close to that .
    I preferred playing the stack with my GK rather than the Ampeg . Gk's brightness seem to complement the thickness of the 12, and that the thickness of the 12 helped to warm up the GK.
    Very very similar tone if you stick a GK 700 on top of an Ampeg 810. Those two go together like peas and carrots.
    I would say its tone is a bit more of a vintage sound than a modern tone but you can definitely get some Modern ish flavor from it.
    The handle on top is not screwed in , but yet is bolted on with the nuts mounted into the box.
    So the handle would probably break before it rips out of the cab, so no worries there.

    The Bad:
    This is my third run around with orange products and I always find Orange to be a bit of a catch-22. Always overpriced for the quality of their products. The tolex is paperish, and there are only speakon connectors for the speaker inputs.
    Which is not a problem ,but if something happens at a gig and my speakon cable messes up I might be in trouble if the only thing laying around is a 1/4" cable.
    Also with my GK 412 I can hear myself anywhere in the room perfectly, those GK speakers are so well-balanced compared to these oranges. The further away I got from the OBC cabs , the more I was struggling to hear my mids.

    The Ugly:
    I returned them to the store because of one reason ....this cab not properly braced.

    It would make my GK 700rb head vibrate so loud I could hear the vibration over the notes I was playing , and that problem increases with volume.

    It was even worse with my Ampeg on top, which I thought the Ampeg might suppress that effect, since it's an 80-pound amp..... but it didn't.

    Hopefully Orange addresses this issue, because I am a bit bummed I had to return them.

    If you play at lower volumes , these cabs are stellar, sound great, and look even better.

    I hope you like my review and it helps any curious readers or potential buyers :)
    Cuz that's what TB is about right !
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    Jun 10, 2021
    Hmm… was thinking of getting a pair in black. Wondered if they were braced. I guess not. No 1/4 inputs seems odd also.
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    Jun 10, 2021
    Reading around some of the talk bass threads on the cabs… i see some indirect reviews. A lot of people discussing how to make their amp not vibrate off the orange 1x12 tops.