No longer available Orange TB500C Hybrid Bass Combo Amp 500W

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    Apr 17, 2015

    The amp is in mint condition with no scratches or dings, always kept at home and not used much.
    $950 includes shipping CONUS or I can do a better deal for local pickup.


    The Orange BT500C Terror Bass Combo Amplifier is a beautiful and unique bass combo amp. It has a 500-watt hybrid design, combining a tube preamp with a Class D power section. This architecture gives the BT500C Terror a complex and excellent tonal foundation in the preamp, far less heat gain and analog noise than most other boutique bass amps.

    Based on Legendary Amp Design
    The Orange BT500C Terror bass combo represents the evolution of Orange's SmartPower speakers and the famous Terror Bass amp heads. Like these well-celebrated amps, it is a hybrid design combining 2 x ECC83/12AX7 tubes in the preamp stage, and getting the majority of its gain through a Class D Mosfet power amp that pushes 500 watts through 2 x 12-inch Neodymium speakers.

    Delivers More Low-End Frequencies with a Revolutionary Design
    The BT500C combo employs Orange's proprietary Smart Power Isobaric loudspeaker design. This unique configuration involves mounting the two lightweight Neodymium speakers within the cabinet, placing one directly behind the other. What this means soundwise, is a combo amp that can deliver a greater frequency range in the low end than most other combo amps of this size and wattage.

    Thoughtful Features for Real-World Musicians
    A few other features help make the BT500C extremely practical for the gigging and/or studio musician. To begin with, it has an FX loop accessible via the rear panel. The front panel features a variable input sensitivity switch, right next to the 1/4-inch input, so you can switch between sensitivity appropriate for active or passive basses. Finally, a balanced DI allows you to run directly from the amp in situations when you want to record with this amp directly to a mixer.

    Shape Your Sound
    The BT500C's controls are simple and straightforward, but offer highly musical pots for crafting a great sound no matter how you've got it set up. There are Bass, Mid, and Treble pots for getting your EQ where you want it. A Gain knob helps you push more or less heat as needed through the tube preamps, while an independent Volume knob broadens this sound.

    Handsome and Rugged
    Orange amps definitely look as cool on stage as you think they do, and the BT500C is no exception. Above all, it is a ruggedly built combo amp that remains highly portable at less than 60 pounds.

    - Controls: Master, Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain
    - Output: 500 Watts RMS
    - Speakers: 2 X 12" Special Design Neodineum Speakers
    - Power amp: Class D Mosfet
    - Preamp: 2 x Ecc83/12ax7
    - Dimensions: (WxHxDcm) 38 x 58 x 37.5cm
    - Weight: 24.05 kg
    Sound clip:

    geheajz7auegabet6ete.jpg xc5mp1mgsuywacd7bsfj.jpg xbus5pkvup9iqwntz2qn.jpg ndzvsi57xgoktue43ujr.jpg
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